ICYMI: Baguio Country Club is now delivering its famous raisin bread to Manila

Published October 12, 2020, 4:07 PM

by John Legaspi

A Baguio trip is never complete without tasting the city’s prime eats. From the classic Good Shepherd ube halaya to the delectable Vizco’s cake featuring Baguio’s locally grown strawberries, there is still more to discover from the city’s kitchens. Among its must-eats is the famous raisin bread.

A top-pick pasalubong for many tourists, raisin bread is a staple in the City of Pines’ breakfast table. And bread fanatics know that the best place to get it is at Baguio Country Club (BCC). 

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While Baguio is now welcoming tourists from Region I, it may still take some time for it to welcome guests from the nation’s capital. Good thing for us, we can have Baguio’s iconic loaf delivered at our doorsteps.

“It’s the classic recipe that keeps our patrons coming back,” BCC tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Since then, Baguio Country Club has poured its heart into baking its raisin bread with imported California raisins rolled with the right amount of cinnamon.”

Just imagine having that bread with layers of cinnamon spice and dotted with raisins partnered with your warm cup of coffee—it’s like having your own Baguio experience at home.

‘Baguio Country Club has poured its heart into baking its raisin bread with imported California raisins rolled with the right amount of cinnamon.’

Much like other businesses, BCC has been working to survive the pandemic while bringing its signature hospitality across the city’s borders. “A lot of people knew BCC for its cozy hotel and golf course. But since the pandemic happened, the restrictions gave our patrons limited opportunities to visit us,” it says. “Our BCC Delivers Manila initiative aims to give our patrons that BCC feel at the comfort of their home, especially during this time.

Apart from the raisin bread (P385), those from NCR can also enjoy its other baked delicacies such as its banana (P385), carrot (P395), and cheese breads (P395).

“The breads are baked the night before their delivery day,” BCC says. “This way, we are sure that they are fresh and properly marked with their production date.”

BCC Delivers Manila follows a thorough ordering process, with a cut off every Thursday. To place an order, call or text (+639) 916 486 5488, or send a message to its Facebook and Instagram accounts. Payments can be made online through BPI and BDO. Claim your orders via delivery or pick up at Telecom Plaza, Gil Puyat, Makati City.

This is what we need to enjoy our rainy season staycation!