QR code of some quarantine passes in QC leads you to songs

Published August 7, 2020, 5:35 PM

by Jules Vivas

Could QC’s quarantine pass make you sing? For Quezon City resident Vanezza Aranas, it could and it did. The string ‘hello :)’ contained in the QR code of her quarantine pass prompted her QR code reader to search ‘hello,’ which led her to Adele’s song

QR CRAZE A screenshot of Adele’s hello and the actual photo of the code being scanned from the ID

In accordance to the Modified Enchanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), on its second round, only people with quarantine passes are allowed to go out. Various local government units in Metro Manila are now providing the said ID to households. This of course includes the uber-popular Quezon City, where a barangay recently drew flak for announcing that it would only give passes to female residents, particularly mothers.

The issue has since been resolved when Barangay Matandang Balara head Allan Franza released a statement that they would be following Mayor Joy Belmonte’s mandate to give two quarantine passes to each family indiscriminately. Allan also mentioned that the new quarantine passes would have a photo of the bearer, and a Quick Response (QR) code. Talk about systematic and organized.

Adele Hello GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Netizens took notice of a Facebook post about a quirky little secret QC residents can find in their quarantine pass. It has since gained much traction.

Vannezza Aranas shared on the social media platform a hilarious revelation about the quarantine pass that would have you singing along. After scanning the information matrix from her ID, Vannezza was led to a redirected search of “Hello,” in which the number one entry is, of course, English singer-songwriter Adele’s famous song.

“If you use a QR scanner, hello lang talaga lalabas na text (only the word hello will appear),” the social media manager said, adding, “If phone camera, ayan redirected search to Adele kaya super laugh trip.”

She explains that the post was not meant to be a complaint; rather, Vannezza considers it as a funny discovery. Someone from the city hall’s I.T. department must be trolling.

Vanezza, as a joke, created a Spotify playlist where people with the same experience could add the songs that they might find in the QR codes. The list, by the way, is growing.