ABS-CBN supporters launch ‘Pirma Kapamilya’ campaign

Published July 18, 2020, 12:18 PM

by Jeffrey Damicog

An organization is set to launch a signature campaign that would allow the people to pass legislation that would grant the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN.

“We are launching the People’s Initiative for the franchise of ABS-CBN,” announced lawyer Dino De Leon of the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) in his Facebook page on Saturday morning, July 18.

The lawyer called the signature campaign People’s Initiative for Reforms and Movement for Action or PIRMA Kapamilya.

“We, the people, can directly legislate if our elected representatives do not want to do their jobs,” De Leon said.

“This is real power of the people and by the people,” he stated.

The lawyer announced the move after the House of Representatives voted 70-10 in adopting the recommendation of the committee on legislative franchises to deny the franchise renewal of the media giant.

“We will show them who is boss,” De Leon declared.

“They have underestimated the Filipino People — we have dealt with oppression before, and we successfully kicked out despots,” he added.

Meanwhile, PIRMA Kapamilya is looking for volunteers to help it launch its signature campaign.

“Share your time, talent, and treasure now!” it announced.

“We are looking for volunteer signature gatherers, organizers, copy writers, artists, performers, content creators, and others who can contribute meaningfully to our cause!” said the group.

Last July 13, De Leon revealed the sample draft of the legislation he and his group of lawyers have worked on.

“Our current Constitution and laws allow us, the sovereign people, to pass a law directly and to grant ABS-CBN its franchise, pursuant to Republic Act. No. 6735 and its Implementing Rules,” said De Leon in a previous statement.

RA 6735, the Initiative and Referendum Act, was initially brought up by law professor Atty. Enrique dela Cruz which has since become viral in social media.

Calling it as the “people’s initiative” law, dela Cruz said RA 6735 was passed in 1989 and allows the people to initiate legislation that Congress would refuse to pass.

The lawyer said the proposed legislation initiated by the people needs at least 10 percent of registered voters and at least three percent of registered voters in every legislative district.

Once the numbers have been reached, dela Cruz assured that this people’s initiative becomes a full-pledged law that Congress and the President cannot stop.