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Biofortified crops: A solution to the world’s “hidden hunger?”

Many countries around the world continue to suffer from malnutrition, also known as “hidden hunger,” which causes massive human and economic costs.

Terrestrial orchid Habenaria gibsonii var. foetida thrives on Panay Island

Inside the campus of the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) in Miagao, Iloilo, a terrestrial orchid, Habenaria gibsonii var. foetida Blatt. & McCann, thrives.

Nearly 12 years after esteemed botanist’s killing, justice remains out of reach

It has been over a decade since Leonard Co, one of the Philippines’ most esteemed botanists, was fatally shot while conducting research and collecting seedlings of endangered trees in Kananga, Leyte.

Farmers appeal for a GMO-free Philippines amid Golden Rice project’s continuance 

On August 8, 2022, the Stop Golden Rice! Network (SGRN) Philippines initiated an online solidarity action against golden rice to mark the 19th anniversary of the International Day of Action Against Golden Rice.

Going beyond refined sugar: Traditional sweeteners in the Philippines

From appetizer to dessert, Filipino cuisine reflects the nation’s general penchant for sweets.

Four friends with various professions find opportunity in rabbits

Despite rabbit farming being legal and practiced in different parts of the world, a lot of people are still hesitant about or averse to the practice.

This is changing. Some folks choose to explore and grab the potential that raising rabbits have to offer. Among those who fall into this category are four childhood friends who also became partners in the rabbit business.

Fil-Am development worker revives family farm in honor of his grandmother

Filipino-American development worker and entrepreneur Michael Bryan P. Pascual, 35, grew up next to his family's vast cornfields in Iowa, United States. At the start of the pandemic, he decided to convert their family’s neglected land into an arable farm.

Launching a natural farm? Here are some things that you need to know 

Michael and Angeli Pascual, the couple who run Bukid Iluminada in Quezon province, shared their firsthand experiences that novice farmers and agripreneurs alike can learn from.

If BTS members V and Jin weren’t K-pop idols, they would be farmers

Many K-pop idols lived completely different lives before making a name in the Korean entertainment industry. Some of them have always dreamed of becoming an artist, while others discovered their calling as a musician when the opportunity presented itself.

Asian crops flourish in a Filipina nurse’s garden in the US

Maricor, a Pinay nurse, has been living in the US for more than 10 years, but she has not forgotten her origins. In her garden, native vegetables like ampalaya and sitaw flourish.

21-year-old student establishes hydroponics business with only P1,000 

With the rising prices of commodities today, a thousand pesos can only go so far. Though in the case of a 21-year-old student, a thousand pesos led to the discovery of a new passion and the establishment of his first hydroponics venture.

Heads up, goat raisers! Triple cross goats may provide a higher profit than other breeds 

One technology that goat breeders can employ to increase profit is triple cross or three-way cross (TWC) goat production.

At home, life grows: Ilocano homemaker grows half of her family’s food supply 

A flourishing garden somewhere in Santa Maria, Bulacan is a product of a mother’s love for her family.

Businesses join the USAID-BFAR campaign for local, responsibly-sourced seafood

Although the Philippines has long been recognized as the world’s center of marine biodiversity, policies to protect marine life in the Philippine seas from illegal fishing and other human activities are not strictly enforced.

Photographer captures silver lining in vegetable farming amid pandemic

When the pandemic brought fear and uncertainty to many, some found hope and security in the shape of an edible garden. Photographer Lou Dizon shares the same sentiment.

Filipino-Lebanese couple farms in Pangasinan after early retirement 

Mashistro Farms’ proprietors, Rida and Rosemarie Mahshi, came from two different countries and cultural backgrounds. What strengthens their bond is their shared love for farming, animals, and God’s creations.

5 farms to visit for your much-needed nature break 

If strolling outside just isn't cutting it, here are farms that you can visit that will not only feed your tummies with nutritious food, but also fill your heart and spirit with tranquility and joy.

In poverty-stricken Payatas, 200 women bank on urban farming as hunger worsens 

In Payatas, Quezon City, 200 women came together to build and sustain an urban garden that now provides nutritious food to their community in the face of the pandemic's health risks.

Building resilience amid climate change: Coffee brand introduces regenerative agriculture to coffee farmers

Filipinos like to start their day with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, local supply cannot keep up with the rising demand. This is where imported coffee comes into play.

Three Korean dramas with scenes that will take you to the field and sea

Korean dramas cover a lot of themes both in and out of the realm of reality, and scenes showing characters involved in any form of farming and fishing are no exception. Here’s a list of Korean dramas that touched on farming and fishing life–both in the ground and under the sea.

The largest certified organic farm in the Philippines was once called “cursed land”

LAC Farms, which currently spans a total 243.8 hectares, established itself as the Philippines’ largest organic-certified farm and manufacturer of natural and organic raw materials.

No learners left behind: Nueva Vizcaya teacher sold seedlings to support her students’ load allowance

Jennylin Carreon uses her teaching profession as a platform to inspire students and youth to grow their own food. Amid the pandemic, she helped her students overcome the challenges of remote learning through her campaign “seedlings for a cause.”

Nueva Vizcaya family weathers the pandemic through their food forest 

The Carreon family from Nueva Vizcaya has been raising homegrown food for over eight years now. According to them, their food forest feeds both their body and soul.

The coolest chicken mom in town: Fil-Am internet star Bretman Rock welcomes his newly-hatched chicks

Bretman Rock has officially reached his “mother hen” era! The multitalented internet sensation has decided to level up his game and has progressed from being a “plant lady” to also becoming a backyard chicken farmer.

Two homegrown artists launch art collections featuring Philippine flora, fauna, and herbal tea plants

For surface pattern designer Alessandra “Alessa” Lanot and illustrator Raxenne Maniquiz, love and passion for nature inspired them to showcase and integrate various plants and wildlife into their artwork.