Professor Rom Feria

Why I'm avoiding OpenAI's ChatGPT and going local

The latest issues with OpenAI, the Scarlett Johannson-Sky/Her incident, prominent OpenAI employees leaving the company, and that NDA, along with other previous issues, are red flags for me. Personally, OpenAI is now ranked alongside Meta - the "end justifies the means" and "better to ask for forgiveness than permission" kind of leadership is difficult for me to accept. Only the US government is to blame here - why they are letting these billionaires exploit every human being on earth is unfathomable!

Using the Mobile Verification Toolkit

Malicious actors target iOS and Android smartphones to extract valuable data, sometimes sponsored by nation-states. To stay safe, avoid clicking on URLs from strangers, connect only to trusted Wi-Fi networks, use VPNs, and avoid untrusted third-party apps. The Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) by Amnesty International helps detect spyware like Pegasus. Regularly decrypt and check backups with MVT to ensure device safety. Additionally, turning off your device weekly enhances security.

The new, old Google Search:

With all the brouhaha of getting AI to do the searching for you, Google cannot be left behind by Microsoft and OpenAI AI-based search engines. Google announced and released its own AI-powered Google Search at Google I/O.

Essential third-party apps to install on new iPhone or iPad

Whether I am configuring a new iPhone or iPad, or restarting from scratch (which I often do on iPads), there are few essential third-party applications that I install first. Here's a quick rundown of my must-have third-party applications:

Free emulation and virtualization on Mac

There are now several choices when you want to emulate and/or virtualize different operating systems on the Mac. Software like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox often come to mind. Recently, however, I have discovered a free, open source emulation and virtualization software, UTM, which is based on another FOSS project, QEMU, that runs on the Mac (and even on iPhone and iPad!). I am familiar with QEMU but on Linux environments.