Philip Cu Unjieng

A legacy of sustainability

While sustainability has been a global buzzword for over a decade now, and the concept of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) agendas were adopted by the United Nations some eight years ago; it’s still a term that’s often ignored, misunderstood, or at the very least, under-appreciated, here in the Philippines. Plus it doesn’t help when so many have joined the bandwagon, waving the sustainability flag, but with pale, diluted versions of how these companies adopt ESG initiatives.

Uncovering your child’s digital potential and Nullspace

One of the perennial problems of parents when summer time comes around, is what to enroll the children in, so it doesn’t become two to three months of idleness and mental stagnation.

Cold Storage Seafood goes legacy

Sporting the new look, Cold Storage Seafood's Banawe store has been a reliable source of quality seafood for 27 years now

A most inclusive ocean: The live-action 'The Little Mermaid'

Mermaids are mythical creatures, and I’m still waiting for the person with a documented and corroborated first-hand report to tell us what the mermaid looked like. So until then, we can’t say with certainty if a mermaid is white, blue, green, black, or multi-colored. Having gotten that off my chest, can I now write that I don’t understand what the whole fuss is about Halle Bailey being cast as Ariel? As these live-action remakes are released, I think it’s fine that some new elements are introduced, so that they aren’t literal frame-by-frame carbon copies of the original animated feature.

Is AI today’s big bad wolf?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben to Peter Parker/Spider-Man. When Aboitiz Digital Innovation mounted the first ever Philippine AI (Artificial Intelligence) summit, I felt that those words from Uncle Ben were resonating through the halls of the Marriott Grand Ballroom, where the two-day event was being held. Employee displacement, questions about honesty and ethics; these issues swirled in the air, as AI and its limitless and beneficial possibilities, applications, and potential, were being discussed.