Mr. Fu

WTFu by MR. FU: A telebabe’s tale

Graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Adamson University is one of the most significant achievements of Faye Covarrubias for this year.  (at least hindi inuna ang pakikipaglandian!)

WTFu by MR. FU: Former stuntman goes sexy on Vivamax

When Chester Grecia decided not to pursue his computer science course in college, he looked for a job overseas. (sana sumama ako bro!)

WTFu by MR. FU: An actor’s 'punit' experience in 'Punit na Langit'

Aerol Carmelo took culinary arts because of his passion for cooking. He finished the course but realized he wanted to do something else. (gawin na natin yan bro!)

WTFu by MR. FU: Former child actor stars in BL series

When Vincent Magbanua was 12 years old, he got to be with the biggest stars of GMA7. He played the young Bong Revilla in the series Indio. He also took the role of Marian Rivera’s sidekick in Super Ma’am. (pero ngayon pwede ko na syang love team!)

WTFu by MR. FU: A bigger and bolder Borracho

Celebrity lawyer Atty. Ferdie Topacio has supported my abstract artworks since I started five years ago. ((buy-la buy-la ang lolo mo!) One unforgettable gesture he made was when he got so many The Art of FU pieces and gave them to his clients as Christmas gifts. (may budget!). He also always supports my exhibits. (kaya di ko sya kinakalimutan iinvite!) He is the first collector to view and buy whenever I have a new art series. (nagayuma ng art ko!)