Atty. Gregorio Larrazabal


The Philippines.  Over 7,000 islands full of wonder and beauty, just waiting to be discovered and re-discovered.  I’ve been fortunate to have been able to visit almost all the provinces in the Philippines – enjoying the breathtaking scenery, sumptuous delicacies and most importantly, forging friendships with people from all walks of life.  Through my travels, I’ve been using the hashtag #SuroyPilipinas.  The goal is about discovering the beauty of the Philippines by going around the country. But instead of just flying to different places, I’ve preferred to drive to the different islands. 

Preventing our jail system’s collapse

While much of the conversation on El Niño dwells on its economic impacts and ways to mitigate them, a silent crisis is unfolding behind bars – one that directly contradicts our supposed commitment to human dignity.

Reluctant politician, fierce statesman

They did not just ask; they demanded. Today’s Labor Day is not just about celebrating Filipino workers’ contributions, but remembering their fight for fair treatment. Back in 1903, thousands marched to Malacañang under American rule, sparking a movement that secured today’s national holiday and future labor rights gains. This May 1st, let us honor their legacy by ensuring Filipino workers, both here and abroad, continue to be valued and protected. If Senator Rene Saguisag had been alive, you can bet he would have been leading the charge, right in the thickest of the fray. 

Of water rations and rights

As El Niño tightens its grip, anxieties surrounding water scarcity rise. Without sufficient water from reservoirs, agriculture suffers, jeopardizing food security for millions of Filipinos. This is not mere inconvenience as we observe the heat index hitting record highs; the resultant social unrest is not an imagined threat. El Niño may be a temporary phenomenon, but the consequences of inadequate water management are long-lasting. We cannot afford to wait for the next drought to expose our vulnerabilities. We need a water governance system that prioritizes long-term planning, sustainable practices, and equitable access to clean water for all Filipinos. We need it now.

The frontliners at sea

Intricate maps mark contested claims in the West Philippine Sea, while on the very waters they represent, Filipino fisherfolk eke out a living, balancing the bounty of Scarborough Shoal with the ever-present tension of a geopolitical chess game.