Atty. Gregorio Larrazabal

Get into your car

You’ve planned out your road trip.  Marked the spots on the route that you want to visit.  But what do you use for your road trip?

Plan, to have fun — #suroypilipinas

Since my last article about doing road trips in the Philippines, more and more people come to me, asking more information about driving around the Philippines. Many are excited to do road trips themselves.
It’s impossible to summarize everything into one column, so I’ll divide the discussion into four parts:

Where to next?

Not again

I will never fully comprehend the excuse, justification and absurdity of a supposed world-class airport that suffers from an eight-hour brown-out.  Somehow, there is no explanation that makes remote sense no matter how it is spun and stretched to the limits of our imagination.

Does size matter?

I have been a cyclist all my life.  Even the lure of law and elections failed to diminish my enthusiasm so much so that I would make it a point to drop by the bike shop at least twice a week after work. I have long attempted to justify my passion for the sport, but to this day, I still can’t quite put my finger into the singular why. Why not, I say. Perhaps it is the adrenalin rush, or the clarity of mind that it brings after a long and relaxing ride, but what fuels me most is the joy of building, restoring or simply looking at a well-built bike.
I do get a lot of questions on types, maintenance, ride but there is one particular topic that interests a number of my readers. Size. Does size matter? Of course, it does.
Let me start by saying that the simple art of riding a bicycle has turned into a well, complicated chore when one considers the number of bikes that you can choose from. There’s the tribike, road bike, gravel bike, cyclocross, mountain bike (rigid, hardtail, full suspension), touring bike, fixie, BMX, folding bike/track bike, recumbent bike, cruiser. Hybrid bike, E-bike, utility bike (commonly viewed as the Japanese surplus bikes, with a basket in front).