Bob Reyes

Columnist for Technews

ROBERT “BOB” REYES is a technologist, an IT Consultant, a certified Google IT Support Specialist, and an Open Source advocate representing the global non-profit Mozilla (makers of Firefox) in the Philippines. Bob is also AvGeek and planespotter.

POCO commits to the Philippine gaming community

During the recent Philippine launch of the POCO F5 Series, I had the chance to talk with Angus Ng, Head of Product Marketing for POCO about the brand’s plans for the local market as well as growing the Filipino POCO Community of fans.

Can you Use Starlink for Pisonet business in the Philippines?

Many rural and underserved areas in the Philippines lack access to stable Internet connections. Starlink’s satellite-based internet service can bridge this digital divide by providing reliable connectivity to these areas, enabling them to access educational resources, healthcare services, eCommerce platforms, and other online opportunities.

Is DICT’s ‘Project: SIM Check Mo’ really necessary?

It is confirmed that the DICT’s Project: SIM Check Mo is real. Based on initial reports, Project; SIM Check Mo is aimed at fighting cybercrime by providing a messaging service that will enable anyone to confirm the SIM Card Registration of a number, as well as the initials of the registrant.

The GCash Glitch from the eyes of a technical observer

Ever since the GCash “glitch” happened last week, I was swamped with messages from friends and family members asking my opinion on what really happened. I gave them my honest opinion, but little did they know that I actually made an informal survey with ten (10) delivery riders and ridesharing drivers whose GCash accounts were debited last 08 May 2023. The amounts debited from their respective accounts (based on their claim when I spoke to them) range from P1,000 to P10,000. I just hope these amounts were returned to them already.

Google introduces PaLM 2 to advance the future of AI

Google has announced several updates related to PaLM at the Google I/O developers conference this month. Stands for “Permutational Language Model,” PaLM is a large-scale machine learning model developed by Google for natural language processing tasks. It is designed to process and understand text data, and it was built using the search giant’s Transformer architecture and trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet. The latest large language model, PaLM 2, is the next step in Google’s groundbreaking research in machine learning and responsible AI.