Adobo fried chicken, K-drama style

Global franchise BB.Q Chicken of Crash Landing on You fame
introduces the historic first foreign dish in its all-Korean menu and it’s

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  • Adobo Chicken, adorned with a luscious glaze capturing the savory, tangy, and sweet essence of traditional adobo, is a testament to the beautiful fusion of Filipino and Korean cultures.


Chimaek, the beloved South Korean pairing of chicken and maekju (beer), has become a global cultural phenomenon. This iconic duo is a staple of South Korean social life, enjoyed by friends and family during evenings out, celebratory gatherings, and casual get-togethers.

The roots of this culinary tradition trace back to the late 20th century when Western-style fried chicken began gaining popularity in South Korea. The trend of pairing beer with chicken took off in the ’90s, quickly becoming a nationwide craze. Today, chimaek embodies relaxation and social bonding, capturing the essence of South Korean conviviality.


Korean fried chicken is renowned for its distinct preparation method, setting it apart from other styles. Double-fried to achieve an exceptionally crispy exterior while keeping the meat juicy and flavorful, it is coated with various sauces and seasonings, from classic soy garlic to spicy gochujang, catering to diverse palates.
In the Philippines, the go-to place for an authentic chimaek experience is BB.Q Chicken. Living up to its name, “Best of the Best Quality,” the restaurant offers fried chicken with exceptional texture and flavor. Each bite and sip of beer brings a wave of contentment, reminding us of life’s simple pleasures. K-drama fans might recognize the brand’s crispy fried chicken from hit K-drama series like Goblin, The King: Eternal Monarch, and Crash Landing On You.

BB.Q Chicken, part of the Genesis BBQ Group from South Korea, has been delighting taste buds since 1995. Now present in 57 countries, including the Philippines, the brand’s local franchise, managed by LCS Group Korea, has eight outlets. A recent highlight in its nearly three-decade history is the introduction of an exciting new flavor: Adobo Chicken.
In celebration of Philippine Independence Day, BB.Q Chicken is unveiling its Adobo Chicken on June 12, available for just one month. The soft launch, however, unfolded at Central Square at Bonifacio Global City, where BB.Q Chicken debuted in the country in 2022. For this special occasion, the delectable creation was complemented with Filmaek, a blend of beer and Tanduay rum. This invigorating mix merges the crisp qualities of beer with the deep, robust flavors of rum.

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The mastermind behind this culinary fusion is Chef Myke Tatung, who was commissioned to marry the essence of Korean-style fried chicken with the beloved flavors of Filipino adobo. After three attempts and several adjustments to perfect the balance of garlic and laurel, the Korean principals finally approved the recipe. This special release, a partnership led by Matthias Koppe of PH for Collab Asia, marks a historic first: introducing a foreign chicken dish to BB.Q Chicken’s all-Korean menu. Joining favorites like Cheesling Chicken, Golden Fried Chicken, Secret Chicken, and UFO Chicken, Adobo Chicken promises to be a tantalizing addition, honoring both tradition and innovation.

Adobo Chicken, adorned with a luscious glaze capturing the savory, tangy, and sweet essence of traditional adobo, is a testament to the beautiful fusion of Filipino and Korean cultures.
Don’t miss out on this interesting and flavorful new fried chicken offered only until July 12.