K-pop boy band Treasure heats up Manila with ‘Reboot’ concert

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  • The group tells fans: "You're my adrenaline”

K-pop idol group launched their “2024 Treasure Relay Tour: Reboot” in Manila with an impressive concert that thrilled the crowd. 

Treasure (트레저) held the show at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, the same venue where they held their first group concert in Manila, the “Hello” tour, in April last year. 












Treasure performing at their "Reboot' concert in Manila on May 4 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena (YG Entertainment)

Despite the hot weather, fans packed the venue to see Treasure perform more than 20 songs. 

Accompanied by a live band, Treasure opened the concert with “Bona Bona,” the main track of their second studio album, “Reboot,” which was released in July last year. 

They continued their set with “Jikjin,” “Boy,” “Hello,” “"B.L.T (Bling Like This),” “Stupid,” “Move” and “Thank You.” 

“Welcome to the 2024 Treasure Relay Tour Reboot in Manila! I’m so happy to meet you, Philippine Treasure Maker. Let’s go crazy tonight!” said Choi Hyun-suk. 

Treasure’s Choi Hyun-suk, Junkyu, Asahi, Jihoon, Yoshi, Jae-hyuk, Haruto, Doyoung, Jeong-woo and Jung-hwan impressed the crowd with their performances and interaction. 

Fans enjoyed every moment of the concert, waving their lightsticks, singing along with Treasure and cheering loudly. 

Treasure continued their set with “G.O.A.T,” “VolKno,” “MMM,” They Way To,” “ Orange,” “Hold It In,” “Wonderland,” “B.O.M.B,” “I Want Your Love,” “I Love You.” 

For the encore, Treasure performed “Run,” “Going Crazy,” “Darari,” “My Treasure” and “Clap!” 

During the show, a surprise birthday celebration complete with a cake was held for Yoshi, whose birthday is on May 15.  


Yoshi posing with his cake (Weverse) Treasure_Jaehyuk1.jpg

Jae-hyuk (Weverse) Treasure_Junkyu1.jpg

Junkyu (Weverse) 

“Thank you so much,” Yoshin posted on the Weverse platform after the concert. 

Treasure thanked Filipino fans for coming to the concert. 

“I am so happy to meet Treasuremaker in Manila again. Thank you so much for always loving our Treasure. We will always try to shine by your side too. Thank you so much Manila Treasure Makers,” said Choi Hyun-suk. 

“Philippine Teume [fans]! Thank you so much for today. Thanks to you, we can have a wonderful tour. Super, super mahal kita (I love you),” said Yoshi. 

Junkyu said, “Thanks a lot Teume. The best kayo (You are the best).” 

“Thanks for coming today. Mahal kita (I love you),” said Jae-hyuk. 

“Thank you for always supporting us. Thanks to Teume. I love you, Manila Teume. Salamat (Thank you),” said Jung-hwan. 

Asahi said, “I was so happy to meet Teume. Thank  you so much. Mahal kita.” 

“I promise to show you a better performance,” said Haruto. 

Jeongwoo said, “I always express my thanks to Teume. I always appreciate for always cheering me up with your positive energy. Mahal kita.” 

“Thank you for being with us today. Thank you for making my day special. See you soon, Teume,” said Doyoung. 

Jihoon said, “Philippine Teume, namiss kita. Today ang galing-galing. Ingat kayo. Mahal kita (Philippine Teume, I missed you. Today you are great. Take care. I love you).” 

"Through this tour, our goal is to repay the love we received from our fans 100 times. This is just the beginning, but we will work hard, so please watch over us. We love you," said Treasure, according to YG Entertainment. 

On X, Treasure told fans, "You're my adrenaline.”

After Manila, Treasure will hold the tour in Hong Kong (May 18), Bangkok (May 23 to 26), Kuala Lumpur (June 22) and Jakarta (June 29 and 30). 

Treasure’s “Reboot” album, which was released in July last year, ranked first on KTown4U’s weekly album chart from April 29 to May 5, selling 5,685 copies. 

The “2024 Treasure Relay Tour: Reboot” in Manila was presented by Live Nation Philippines. 

TreasureManila_Reboot3.jpgTreasure in Manila (X)