Awra Briguela getting better after Poblacion incident

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  • In ViceGanda'srecent YouTube video, she asked Awra about her status regarding the incident last year.

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Awra Briguela (Instagram) 

It seems like everything is going well now for actress and content creator Awra Briguela. 

In Vice Ganda's recent YouTube video, she asked Awra about her status regarding the incident last year. 

"Nasangkot ka sa isang insidente na pinag-usapan ng buong Pilipinas. Kumusta ka na ngayon?” Vice said. 

(You were involved in an incident that the whole Philippines talked about. How are you now) 

Awra answered wholeheartedly, that she was now getting better and learning from her mistake from the incident. 

"I'm okay. I'm getting better, and I'm getting stronger. I owned up to my mistakes,” Awra said in response. 

"Noong nakulong ako, parang hindi ko pa rin siya ma-realize na nangyayari na sa 'kin 'yun. Kaya after what happened, kahit nakauwi na ako, lugmok na lugmok ako, umiyak na ako, 'yun 'yung time na hindi ko na kaya," Awra added. 

(When I was imprisoned, I still couldn't seem to realize that it was happening to me. So after what happened, even when I got home, I was so depressed, I cried, that's when I couldn't do it anymore) 

Awra also shared that she wasn't expecting it to happen, because she was living the YOLO (you only live once) mindset at that time. 

"Noong nangyari ‘yun, hindi ko inexpect kasi YOLO [you only live once] ako n’un. I party almost every day. Sumobra talaga. In short, tinatakbuhan ko ang problems ko. Hindi ko siya hinaharap. Noong nangyari siya sa’kin, hindi ako makapaniwala,” she said.

(When that happened, I didn't expect it because I have this YOLO [you only live once] mindset. I partied almost every day, it was too much. In short, I run away from my problems. I don't take full responsibility for it, so when that incident happened to me. I couldn't believe it) 

In June 2023, Awra and her friends got caught in a brawl with other guests in a bar in Makati City. In the video that leaked online at that time, Awra was seen getting arrested by the police after the incident. 

Her actions that night resulted in a charge of physical injuries, direct assault, alarm, scandal, and disobedience to a person in authority.

According to the police, Awra allegedly asked a man named Mark Christian Ravana at the bar to remove his shirt and challenged him to a fight outside the bar. After allegedly cursing the police, Awra was arrested.