PayMongo shifts to digital financial services to propel economic growth

Celebrating 5 years: PayMongo's evolution to drive economic growth with digital financial services

At a glance

  • PayMongo has transitioned into a digital financial services provider to drive economic growth, marking its fifth anniversary milestone.

  • CEO Jojo Malolos emphasizes a strategic shift towards empowering digital entrepreneurship, reflecting a renewed vision for the company.

  • The transition signifies PayMongo's commitment to setting new standards in the Philippine FinTech industry.

  • Stakeholders' renewed trust and support demonstrate confidence in PayMongo's ability to impact the nation's digital economy positively.

  • PayMongo's evolution aims to nurture relationships and empower MSMEs, positioning the company as a key player in the digital financial landscape.

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To show their trust and support to the transformation of PayMongo, the 5th anniversary celebration was attended by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Mamerto Tangonan, CEOs and executives of major banking partners, financial services institutions, key merchants, and members of PayMongo’s Board of Directors. 


PayMongo has evolved from a payment gateway company into a digital financial services solutions provider to drive digital economic growth, according to PayMongo CEO Jojo Malolos during the company's fifth-anniversary celebration recently.

"Our refocused vision and the execution of a no-nonsense strategy have propelled PayMongo to contribute to the financial ecosystem. We've introduced innovative digital financial solutions that cater to businesses' diverse online and offline needs," Malolos revealed.

Malolos emphasized PayMongo's significant strides, which contributed to the company's financial performance and the advancement of the Philippine FinTech industry.

"Our strategic approach, aimed into transforming the "negotiates" in the MSMEs segments into digital Filipino entrepreneurs, has proven to be successful," Malolos said in an interview during PayMongo's fifth-anniversary celebration.

PayMongo Chairperson and Co-Founder Luis Sia acknowledged the company's strong foundation, built over the past five years, for its ability to weather all the challenges they faced through the years.

"We have already built the foundation that enabled PayMongo to transform from a major player in the FinTech industry in the last five years to become the key driver of Philippine digital economic growth in the next five," Sia said.

Show of Trust and Support

Malolos said PayMongo's 2023 accomplishments and new direction restored the confidence of key stakeholders, including employees, industry, and key sector leaders.  

"We are setting new standards. We will continue to nurture relationships and we will fortify the core of PayMongo. We have a renewed passion and a higher sense of purpose to impact not only our company and the Philippine FinTech industry but the entire Philippine digital economy as well by empowering MSMEs," Malolos added.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Mamerto Tangonan, CEOs and executives of major banking partners, financial services institutions, key partners, and renowned members of PayMongo's Board of Directors attended the 5th-anniversary celebration to show their trust and support for PayMongo's transformation.

Both Malolos and Sia also expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the "Beanies," acknowledging that their unwavering support gives the company the strength and confidence to stay on the right track.

"It's been an incredible five years. In our early days, we only empowered businesses through digital payment solutions. Today, we are transforming MSMEs and SMEs to become part of the growing internet economy as active digital entrepreneurs. Thank you for being with us on this journey. Here's to the next five years," Sia said.

Since 2019, PayMongo has revolutionized online payment solutions in the Philippines. As the country's leading online payment gateway provider, the company has continuously pushed for inclusive digital entrepreneurship, empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital landscape. Today, PayMongo has undergone a remarkable transformation, branching out beyond payments to create a more inclusive and integrated financial ecosystem.