Solon says PBBM doesn't harass critics; tells Duterte to 'stop destabilizing' government 


At a glance

    20240429_115849.jpgPresident Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. (left), former president Rodrigo Duterte (MANILA BULLETIN)








    House Assistant Majority Leader Zambales 1st district Rep. Jay Khonghun has brushed off insinuations from the Duterte camp that the Marcos administration had a hand in preventing a its Bulacan "peace rally" from taking place. 

    Khonghun says that President Marcos isn't the type to engage in political harassment, and instead tends to let "his critics be". 

    “Even if we rewind it from the time President Marcos ran his campaign in 2022, he was even singled out among the candidates for not attending debates and the like, but he just went on and let his critics be, he just let them do what they think was right for them,” he recalled.  

    “How much more now that he is already President? It’s the last thing his administration needs – political polarization. Remember, he and now Vice President Sara Duterte even ran on the theme of unity, which they coined as UniTeam,” Khonghun pointed out. 

    Vice President Duterte is the daughter of former president Rodrigo Duterte, a vocal critic of President Marcos. 

    Earlier, former presidential spokesman Harry Roque claimed that their April 28 “Majisug Peace Rally” or “Brave Peace Rally” was called off in Bustoa, Bulacan to avert any potential trouble. Roque served as Palace mouthpiece under the elder Duterte--President Marcos' direct predecessor. 

    So hands off is the incumbent President on political matters that he "just learned to live with" the apparent spat between First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos and Vice President Duterte, Khonghun said. 

    “Every administration has its own share of hits and misses, and perhaps this government is no exception. But to say that the national government is engaged in harassment is simply unfair,” said the Zambales solon. 



    The 'Young Guns" solon noted that the Duterte camp was previously able to hold rallies in Cebu, Davao, and Tagum. 

    What former president Duterte should do as far as Khonghun is concerned is to "stop destabilizing” the Marcos government. 

    “What we’re saying is that while you may disagree with some policies of the government, you can always demonstrate your gripes in a very decent and respectful way,” Khonghun said. 

    It was late last month when the same congressman chided allies of the Duterte family for asking Marcos to resign.