Thai actor Pawin suspended by agency due to physical assault allegations by ex-GF

Thai actor Pawin Thanik Kamontharanon, 27, has been suspended from working by his own agency based on allegations by his former girlfriend that he physically assaulted her that included choking. 

Accuser Thanradee Chanchaninkul, AKA Kaellynnn, earlier posted a series of photos and videos on her Instagram Stories, tagging Pawin (ภวิน-ธนิก กมลธรานนท์) and his agency, GMMTV. 


Thai actor Pawin Thanik Kamontharanon (left) and Thanradee Chanchaninkul, AKA Kaellynnn, together in a video (Screenshots from Kaellynn's Instagram video)

The videos uploaded by Kaellynnn on Instagram (Source: Kaellynnn's Instagram account)

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Thai actor Pawin Thanik Kamontharanon (Instagram)Kaellynnn1 (1).jpg

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Thanradee Chanchaninkul, AKA Kaellynnn (Instagram)

GMMTV Co. Ltd. is a TV production and talent management company in Thailand. 

In the photos and videos, Kaellynnn showed the numerous bruises all over her body she allegedly suffered from Pawin’s physical abuse.  

To prove that they had a romantic relationship, Kaellynnn posted a video showing Pawin hugging her and biting her cheek. 

Kaellynnn said Pawin hit her in the head three to four times and he choked her. 

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Kaellynnn showing her bruises in photos she uploaded on Instagram Stories (Photos from Kaellynnn's Instagram)

After GMMTV was tagged on Instagram by Kaellynnn, the agency issued a statement, saying it is investigating Pawin. 

“If the actor is found to be accountable, we will take appropriate actions to the fullest extent,” it said on Feb. 23.  

On Feb. 27, GMMTV issued a new statement to say that it has suspended Pawin from work and activities due to ongoing legal proceedings about the alleged physical abuse. 

“Please be informed that the case involving Pawin Thanik Kamontharanon, an actor under GMMTV, is currently undergoing legal proceedings,” the agency said. 

It added, “Therefore, the company has decided to suspend Pawin from all work and activities until the case is resolved.”

“Pawin's complete work suspension is effective from today to facilitate the case proceedings. Once the case is resolved and a clear conclusion is reached, the company will issue a statement accordingly,” GMMTV added. 



The notice of work suspension issued by GMMTV against Pawin (Instagram)

Pawin’s acting credits include the Thai BL series “Dangerous Romance,” “My Gear and Your Gown,” “The Stranded,” “Our Skyy 2,”  and “The Eclipse.” He will be appearing in the upcoming series “We Are.” 

Kaellynnn’s bio on Facebook stated that she is the co-founder of Ketoaholic and healthy club, and Jav Omakase, and sales director at The Hotbull. 

She studied Marketing Management at the University of Northampton and Digital Marketing at Stamford International University. 

She went to Thewphaingarm Canadian Bilingual School and Joan of Arc School. 

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