LTO revokes driver's license of ex-cop in viral road rage video

The driver’s license of former policeman Wilfredo Gonzales was revoked for at least two years after he was found liable for the four charges leveled against him in connection with his confrontation with a bicycle rider in Quezon City which went viral on social media.

At the same time, LTO chief Vigor Mendoza II said Gonzales was also slapped  with P4,000 fine for three offenses under the Republic Act 4136, or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code: Disregarding Traffic Sign, Obstruction of Traffic and Reckless Driving.

In a resolution dated Sept. 5 signed by LTO-National Capital Region director Roque Verzosa III and approved by Mendoza, the revocation of Gonzales’ driver license is a penalty for the case of violation of Section 27 (Improper Person to Operate Motor Vehicles) of the Republic Act (RA) 4136.

“Respondent-driver's acts of having no due diligence in driving, which caused the incident that resulted in the destruction of the property of the victim, is considered unacceptable behavior of a driver. Taken as a whole, his actions are tantamount to the acts of an Improper Person to Operate a Motor Vehicle,” the LTO Resolution read.

“Respondent Gonzales is hereby declared as an Improper Person to Operate Motor Vehicles. Hence, his Driver's License which is valid until 07/08/2024, is hereby ordered revoked and he is disqualified from securing a driver's license and driving a motor vehicle for a period of two (2) years from issuance of this Resolution,” it added.

In revoking Gonzales’ driver’s license, Mendoza explained that the acts of the former “undeniably show that he abused such privilege and failed to comply with the conduct necessary for the continued possession and enjoyment of the said privilege.”

“The grant of a license to drive is a privilege that carries with it important duties and responsibilities, paramount of which is the respect and obedience by its holder to traffic laws and regulations, and to the authorities charged with its enforcement. It is also presumed that the necessary knowledge and skills are possessed by its holder considering the respondent driver has undergone and passed the required competencies,” said Mendoza.

“The Land Transportation Office issues a driver's license to a person who possesses not only the skills to drive but also a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to obey traffic laws, rules and regulations. A person with a driver's license is likewise expected to give due consideration to the other motorist and pedestrians and avoid committing acts that endanger lives, properties, and public safety,” he added.


On Aug. 28, the LTO-NCR issued a Show Cause Order (SCO) which Gonzales received on the same date.

The issuance of the SCO came at least a day after Gonzales’ confrontation with a bicycle rider went viral on social media. In the video, Gonzales was seen hitting the bicycle rider before he pulled out and loaded a gun.

In the SCO issued by Verzosa, Gonzales was asked to appear in a hearing and explain in a notarized affidavit on why he should not be held liable for the violations that also include violation of the Joint Administrative Order 2014-01 (Disregarding Traffic Sign), violation of Section 54 of RA 4136 (Obstruction of Traffic), and violation of Section 48 of RA 4136 (Reckless Driving).

Gonzales, however, did not show up and was instead represented by his son. He also did not submit a notarized affidavit. This prompted the LTO-NCR to submit the case for Resolution.

Mendoza earlier said that Gonzales would be given due process amid calls for the immediate revocation of his driver’s license.


The LTO also found Gonzales liable for three other offenses. 

For violation of Disregarding Traffic Sign, the LTO Resolution stated that Gonzales’ move to encroach into a bicycle lane and blocked the driver as shown in the video made him liable for a fine of P1,000.

For Obstruction of Traffic, Gonzales was fined 1,000 after it was established that his actions resulted in the restriction of movement of vehicles in the area where the incident occurred.

And for Reckless Driving, he was fined P2,000 as “there is substantial evidence that the respondent-driver is administratively liable for reckless driving” when he suddenly cut across the lane of the incoming cyclist. 


As a result of the road rage, Gonzales lost his job and it also resulted in the revelations that he is a dismissed cop.

The gun permits issued to him for four firearms were also revoked by the Philippine National Police and he was asked to surrender them all.

“Let this be a lesson to all that road rage will only lead to unfortunate incidents. So I am advising all our kababayan, especially the motorists to keep your cool and always remember that your driver’s license is a privilege that could be revoked anytime that your LTO found that you are not fit to be granted that privilege,” said Mendoza.