Google refreshes Android logo

From 'a' to 'A'

Android log.png

Getting ready for the launch of the Android 14, Google has announced a set of new features to their services. Along with this, Google pops up a refreshed Android logo that looks fun and more playful.

One of the things Google changed with their Android logo is capitalizing ‘android,’ which they said, adds “more weight to its appearance when placed next to Google’s logo.” 

Google added that: “As part of our last update, the Android robot became a prominent fixture of our logo, reflecting the playfulness people have come to expect from Android. Today, we’re giving the most recognizable non-human member of our Android community an entirely new 3D look.

“The bugdroid — the face and most identifiable element of the Android robot — now appears with more dimension, and a lot more character. As a visual signifier of our brand, we wanted the bugdroid to appear as dynamic as Android itself. We've also updated the robot’s full-body appearance to ensure it can easily transition between digital and real-life environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts.”

At the same time, Google has shed some light into their update. Most of these updates include the integration of AI, allowing more precise forecasts and faster information. These updates include Assistant At a Glance, an AI widget that notifies you about the weather, travel, and reminders from your calendar. 

For people who may be blind or have blurry vision, Google introduces the AI-powered Lookout. You can tell your phone, using your voice, to provide additional details on an image. You can ask for follow-up questions and Lookout will answer promptly.

You would also be able to digitize passes with barcodes or QR codes through the Google Wallet Pass import. Ideally, this means in some cases, you no longer need a card or a boarding pass – as long as it has a QR code or barcode – at all times, as you can simply show the one in your Google Wallet. Personally, I haven’t tried this feature, nor have I seen it in action in the country. I have, however, seen it in action during my travels, and it looked very convenient. 

Some updates are also coming into Android Auto. Basically, you can now join meetings through your car display while connected to Android Auto. Some of you might ask, why? From my experience, you have no idea how many times my wife had to pull out her laptop while we’re stuck in traffic in order to join a meeting. Same with my cousin who sometimes freeloads on their way to Manila.  It’s honestly a handy feature that might pull through when needed. 

Finally, Google improves Routine. It’s, essentially, a feature to help develop a routine and gather data about your sleep.