TCL announces matte-screen phones

The new 4G and 5G models sport paper-like displays aimed at reducing blue light exposure


TCL has announced an interesting tech into their new smartphones, matte-screens. 

The TCL NXTPAPER40 4G and 5G are smartphones with paper-like screens. It’s designed mainly for eye comfort with less blue light. In the country, TCL is better known for their impressive swathe of smart TVs.

The 4G and the 5G versions have different processors, the latter being MediaTek Helios G88 and the latter a MediaTek Dimensity 6020. But that’s not what’s different. The 4G has 8GB of RAM and 6.78-inch 1080p screen. The 5G ships with a 6.6-inch 720p screen and 6 gigs of RAM. 

In my personal experience though, I’ve had a tablet’s screen slapped with a matte-tempered glass. It feels weird to touch, like rubbing paper. But using a stylus on a matte surface felt like a charm. It felt more precise as you instinctively know where the tip of the pen is, plus the sound of a pen scratching on a paper-like surface was satisfying. 

We’re not sure if the NXTPAPER phones will come to the country. But we’ll keep a lookout just in case. If anything, TCL is experimenting on newer experiences for Android phones, which is something that is always welcome.