On the road to a sustainable planet

A luxury electric vehicle movement striving for carbon neutrality

At a glance

  • Within the Philippines, Lexus has begun offering hybrid variants of their most popular cars to customers sharing their desire for a greener future.



Planet Earth has sent enough SOS. More and more, we cannot ignore its cry for help. And there’s hope yet—despite all indications that we are running out of time—that we can still save the future or that, at the very least, we are still doing what we can, and we can do a lot, to save it.
Enter the battery electric vehicle (BEV). 

Pioneering electrification in the luxury automobile market, Lexus has joined the global fight for carbon neutrality. Under the Lexus Electrified campaign is the promotion and unveiling of new hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and a BEV at last. The luxury automotive brand seeks to exceed the needs and expectations of luxury auto buyers for versatility, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. 

This marks only the beginning of Lexus’ vision for the future. It strives to achieve a roster of solely BEVs in all of its models globally by 2035.
Within the Philippines, Lexus has begun offering hybrid variants of its most popular cars to customers who share its desire for a greener future. Equipped with the Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System, the LS 500h flagship model features transformative technology, which upgrades the performance of hybrids. Improved responsiveness as well as greater linear acceleration significantly enhances the appeal for drivers. 

TRAILBLAZING EV Lexus’ first fully electric vehicle, the RZ 450e BEV runs on an electricity-powered battery and boasts zero-emission performance

Born and bred where the toughest and most challenging roads in the world have been recreated—the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama Test Track—is the new IS 300h sport sedan. Agile, provocative, and purely Lexus, the IS 300h also boasts Lexus’ hybrid technology, which has improved its performance and driver appeal. Built upon previous hybrid RX generations and the RX 450h, the pinnacle of the series, stands bold while maintaining the pioneering values of its model. 

Next among the Lexus hybrid models is the NX 300h. Sharing the innovative Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System, it raises the driving experience to a new standard. 

The UX 250h, on the other hand, is offering better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than all other gasoline vehicles in its class. Recharging does not require plugging in and the hybrid has no issues where driving range is concerned. 

Last, but not the least, and a first for Lexus, is the Lexus RZ 450e BEV. A fully electric battery-powered vehicle, this original all-electric SUV is the representation of the luxury automobile brand’s philosophy of Lexus Electrified. This model was built from the ground up with Lexus’ vision of carbon neutrality in mind, featuring zero-emission performance and a powerful all-wheel driving system. 

As the luxury hybrid sales leader with over two million hybrids sold, the global luxury automotive brand has an unwavering dedication to innovation, uncompromising design, exceptional craftsmanship, and high-standard performance. Currently available in over 90 countries, the Lexus team across the world is committed to providing an electrifying experience for customers.