World Patient Safety Day 2023: DOH calls for patient engagement, safety

The Department of Health (DOH) joined the celebration of this year’s World Patient Safety Day with a strong call to action: "Engaging Patients for Patient Safety; Elevate the Voice of Patients!"

Courtesy of DOH Facebook page

This campaign, as per the DOH, underscored the crucial role of involving patients in healthcare processes and decisions to enhance safety measures.

It was also noted that actively engaging patients in their care and decision-making processes is central to creating a healthcare system that revolves around patients themselves. It ensures trust, transparency, and heightened safety within the medical community, the DOH stated.

World Patient Safety Day is observed annually every Sept. 17. 

For this year’s celebration, the DOH urged everyone to unite in prioritizing patient engagement and safety in healthcare. 

By actively involving patients in their care, healthcare can become more patient-centered, ultimately ensuring better outcomes for all, the DOH said. 

Focus on patient perspectives

The DOH also urged all stakeholders to prioritize patient perspectives to foster an environment of safety in healthcare.

In a world where health is regarded as the most precious asset, ensuring patient safety stands out as the highest priority, the DOH said.  

In line with this, DOH also celebrated the unwavering commitment of medical professionals, who play a pivotal role in safeguarding each patient.

"They are the listeners, the diagnosticians, the caregivers, the comforters, the supporters, and the healers. However, patient safety is not solely the responsibility of medical professionals; it's a partnership," the DOH stated.

Nevertheless, the DOH underlined that patient safety is a collective effort, extending beyond the responsibility of medical professionals; it is a partnership.

The DOH emphasizes that patients themselves have a vital role to play in their well-being. Effective communication forms the bedrock of patient safety, and collaborative efforts among healthcare teams ensure the delivery of the best possible care, the DOH added.

Additionally, the DOH highlighted that diversity and inclusion within the healthcare system fuel innovation and contribute to enhanced patient outcomes. (Zekinah Elize Espina)