Thai stars Billkin, PP Krit create precious moments with Pinoy fans: ‘It feels like home’

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  • "We are very, very happy that we can be here"

Thai actors and singers Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul and PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn finally met their Filipino fans and were thankful for the warm welcome. 

The two stars held their “Billkin & PP Krit Asia Fan Meeting 2023” in Manila on Sept. 10 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. 

Billkin (บิวกิ้น), 23, and PP Krit (พีพี), 24, also known as BKPP to fans, achieved popularity through the Thai BL (boys’ love) series "I Told Sunset About You" in 2020 and its sequel, "I Promised You The Moon," in 2021, which drew viewers in Asia. 











Thai stars Billkin (left) & PP Krit at the Asia Fan Meeting in Manila on Sept. 10 (Jonathan HIcap) 

In the two dramas, Billkin played the role of Teh and PP Krit as Oh-aew, two teenagers trying to have a relationship but facing personal challenges including grappling with their sexual identity. 

The storylines of the two dramas showcased the deep friendship between the two main characters and presented highly emotional and heartbreaking scenes between Teh and Oh-aew as they struggled to be together amid temptations, self-doubt, finding their true selves, and focusing on their studies.   

For the series, Billkin and PP Krit won the Asia Celebrity awards at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAA). 

Before "I Told Sunset About You,” they both appeared in the Thai drama “My Ambulance” in 2019. 

In an interview with Manila Bulletin at the historic Manila Hotel a day after the fan meeting, Billkin and PP Krit talked about finally meeting their Filipino fans. 

“They have been waiting for us and it’s like two years and they were still waiting. We are very, very happy that we can be here yesterday [Sept. 10],” said Billkin. 




Billkin & PP Krit pose after Manila Bulletin's interview at the Manila Hotel (Jonathan Hicap) 

Off camera, Billkin and PP Krit are very close friends in real life and the Manila fan meeting showed their deep chemistry and bond.  

“I have to say that PP and I are like growing up together. He is not just like a family member but I really feel that we have a very special relationship between each other. He has always been here with me, before I started this journey even,” Billkin told Thai DJ and host Yutthana Boonaom in his YouTube show last July.    

Billkin added, “He really understands me because we started the journey at the same time and we all did what each other did, the same journey and have been through a lot. In my personal life, we are really close. He knows my family and I know his. So it’s like we are colleagues, friends and also family. I feel like it’s a special relationship. I don’t think I can find any relationship like this anymore.”











Thai stars Billkin (left) & PP Krit at the Asia Fan Meeting in Manila on Sept. 10 (Jonathan HIcap) 

Fan meeting 

Billkin and PP Krit got loud cheers from the audience as they emerged on stage at the Manila fan meeting. 

The two opened the fan meeting by singing the love song “Skyline,” part of the original soundtrack for “I Told Summer About You” followed by “Safe Zone,” an OST for "I Promised You The Moon."  

“Kamusta? (How are you?)” the two stars greeted the crowd. 

Their fan meeting took them to Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, and Seoul in South Korea. Manila was the last stop of the tour. 

“I would say last but not the least,” said Billkin.  











Thai stars Billkin (left) & PP Krit at the Asia Fan Meeting in Manila on Sept. 10 (Jonathan HIcap) 

During the fan meeting, Billkin and PP Krit answered questions sent by fans and played games with them.  

One fan asked, “Dear PP, will you marry me?” 

PP Krit replied, “I don’t know. I have a boyfriend. Just kidding.” 

He was also asked about his skincare, replying, “A lot of things. I cannot tell. It’s a secret.” Billkin replied that, “I always use Lancome.” 

When asked where they would want to have a vacation in the Philippines together, Billkin said he visited the Philippines last year. 

“I just came here last year. To Boracay,” he said. PP Krit said, “I would like to go to Cebu. I have never been there and I heard there is a lot of beautiful nature there.” 

A fan asked PP Krit if he loves the Philippines and he said, “Of course, yes. So much.” 

The two also played the “Ting Ting Tang Tang TikTok Dance Challenge” with fans. 

Fans were surprised when Billkin had Filipino singer Zack Tabudlo as a special guest and they sang “Give Me Your Forever.” The fan meeting was the first time that Billkin and Tabudlo met in person. 

Tabudlo said the collaboration to shape up two years ago when Billkin’s team reached out to him. 


Billkin and Zack Tabudlo performing “Give Me Your Forever" at the fan meeting (Photo from Tabudlo's Instagram account) 

“Actually this is the first time that we meet in person,” said Billkin. 

Tabudlo said the collaboration for the song was done online, telling Billkin his voice “fits perfectly for the song.” 

“It’s such an honor being here,” said Tabudlo. 

Billkin and PP Krit also performed “Freaking Special,” “A Beautiful Ride,” “Fire Boy,” “Hesitation” and “Mr. Everything.”

A fan video was shown wherein Filipino fans expressed their love and support for Billkin and PP Krit. 

“Even though it’s our first time coming to the Philippines, but it feels like home. You guys are very nice people. And we’ve known that we have a big group of fans here and we’ve keep waiting to come here. And today we’d like to say thank you, thank  you very much  for all your support and love, which goes beyond all of your words, everything. We love you. We love you. Salamat (Thank you),” said Billkin. 







Billkin (Jonathan Hicap)






PP Krit (Jonathan Hicap)

PP Krit said, “Just like what Billkin is saying, it’s our first time in the Philippines but I can feel ardent love and support from you guys. We want to say thank you for your love to us and I hope to see you guys soon.”

During the interview, the two stars said they enjoyed meeting their Filipino fans. 

“The people are very nice and enjoyed our show so we felt comfortable and happy on stage,” said Billkin. 

PP Krit agreed, saying, “Yeah. Me too. I think I love, like, the energy of the fans here because they are excited to see us. I think they bring a lot of positive energy to us from down to the stage to the stage.” 

Manila Bulletin also asked them their most memorable moments during the fan meeting. 

“Maybe like the hi-touch goodbye. They are so polite and they are so respectful. I was kind of impressed by them a lot, all the fans here,” said PP Krit.  

Billkin said, “I think for me it’s during the fan project. They have been waiting for us and it’s like two years and they were still waiting. We are very, very happy that we can be here yesterday [Sept. 10].” 

"I Told Sunset About You" and "I Promised You The Moon", their two well-directed dramas that drew out their emotions and showcased their acting, are well-loved by fans. 

When asked what they thought of the reasons for the dramas’ success, Billkin underscored the subject of love.  

“Love is universal and we are very happy that the message we tried to communicate through the drama can get through the language barrier or cultural barrier in getting through fans’ hearts in Asia or around the world,” he said. 

Billkin and PP Krit said they are open to a collaboration with Filipino actors and actresses for a project in the Philippines. 

“Year we are open. We are still waiting for a good project in the future,” he said. 

Thai stars have become popular in the Philippines besides Koreans. Stars such as Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin have visited the Philippines for fan meetings and shows. 

About the reasons for the popularity of Thai stars in the country, Billkin said, “Maybe our chemistry. I just be by myself. I’m sincere with my attitude, my thinking. I do what I think. I do what I feel.” 


Thai stars Billkin (left) & PP Krit at the Asia Fan Meeting in Manila on Sept. 10 (PP Krit Entertainment on X) 

The two stars set up their own management companies, Billkin Entertainment and PP Krit Entertainment. While the two companies are separate, they have the same staff. 

Billkin and PP Krit are coming up with their own music projects. 

“I’m gonna have my first solo concert this November,” said Billkin.  

He will have his first ever solo concert titled “Tempo” on Nov. 4 and 5 at the Impact Arena in n Pak Kret District of Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. Tickets to the concert were sold out. 

Last August, Billkin performed with Grammy-winning composer and producer David Foster at his “Hitman David Foster and Friends” show in Bangkok that also featured Michael Bolton, Catherine McPhee, Peabo Bryson, and Loren Allred.

Earlier, Netflix released the “Golden Hour: Billkin The First Fan Meeting.”  


Billkin (extreme right) with David Foster, Michael Bolton, Catherine McPhee, Peabo Bryson, and Loren Allred (Billlkin's Instagram) 


Billkin's first solo concert (Billkin's Instagram) 

PP Krit said he will release the single “Rerun.” The audio version of the song was released on Sept. 13. 

In July, he was named as luxury brand Balenciaga’s brand ambassador along with French actress Isabelle Huppert. 

The “Billkin & PP Krit Asia Fan Meeting 2023” in Manila was presented by Three Angles Production.