NextPay empowers non-profit organizations to simplify fees and funding drives

With its user-friendly digital financial platform, NextPay helps humanitarian organizations streamline operations, from collecting membership fees to disbursing funds, making finance easier and more efficient

At a glance

  • NextPay offers an end-to-end digital financial operations platform designed to simplify complex financial tasks for non-profit organizations in the Philippines.

  • The platform is particularly useful for streamlining regular membership fees, donations, and other financial transactions that are crucial for the day-to-day operations and success of non-profits.

  • NextPay has already processed PHP 21.5 million from over 1,500 transactions for its non-profit clients. The system provides real-time SMS and email notifications as payment evidence, negating the need for manual verification.

  • The UP Vanguard, an organization associated with the University of the Philippines, has praised NextPay's convenience and minimal fees, stating that the platform has made their operational work much easier.

  • NextPay has significant backing from investors, including Silicon Valley-based Y Combinator, Singapore-based VC firm Golden Gate Ventures, and others, indicating strong support and credibility for the platform.

Homegrown fintech platform NextPay enables non-profit organizations to streamline their outreach, fee collections and fundraising processes. With its end-to-end digital financial operations platform, NextPay switches complex tasks like collecting, managing and sending money into easy mode.

NextPay’s easy-to-use platform is widely adopted by growing businesses and MSME owners. Empowering humanitarian organizations to collect funds and manage their finances easily is a part of their work they’re proud of.

“We believe that NextPay is more than just an all-in-one financial tool for growing businesses in the Philippines. Simplifying fundraising and fund management also allows non-profit organizations to focus on their humanitarian and social projects,” NextPay Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Don Pansacola said.

Non-profit organizations usually leverage NextPay’s payment acceptance solutions to streamline their regular membership fees, which are crucial in keeping everything running smoothly for their organization ensuring the success of their operations, programs, and initiatives. With digitized payments, accounting and bookkeeping become more efficient. Apart from crisis-related donation drives, this plays a vital role in maintaining the continuity of their day-to-day operations, programs, and initiatives.

The UP Vanguard, an organization closely associated with the University of the Philippines that commits to developing individuals with strong character, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility to their country, has been leveraging NextPay’s core services in streamlining their non-profit’s operational work. “Apart from its minimal fees, NextPay is convenient and easy to use. It made my life easier!” UP Vanguard’s Judge Advocate General Michaela Marteja said.


More than PHP 21.5M Donations and Contributions Processed

Over the past months, NextPay has processed PHP21.5 million from over 1,500 transactions for its non-profit organization clients. And with NextPay’s automation, donors and members don’t need to provide screenshots as payment evidence. When they receive a donation or collection, non-profit organizations and donors or members receive an SMS and an e-mail notification as proof of payment. The platform also provides a digital ledger that allows them to keep track of their financial transactions.

Unlike complicated payment systems, non-profit organizations using NextPay only need to issue a single QR Code or Payment Link to accept donations from different payment methods: e-wallets, direct debit, credit card or bank transfer. Recently, flexible installment payments and over-the-counter transactions were also made possible.

Humanitarian organizations may further use NextPay to pay their suppliers, disburse funds directly to beneficiaries in batches, and distribute their employees’ salaries.

“Far more than helping your typical growing business, assisting non-profit organizations is aligned with our goal of supporting the promotion of inclusive growth in the country,” NextPay Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder Aldrich Tan said.

NextPay is backed by Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator Y Combinator, Singapore-based VC firm Golden Gate Ventures, the Ayala Group’s Kickstart, and Gentree Fund, the private investment vehicle of the Sy Family of the SM Group conglomerate, and other investors.