Be an eco-warrior by joining these green orgs

We only have one planet to take care of — it’s time to be part of a movement


Growing concerns about deforestation, plastic pollution, climate change, and sustainable resource management have spurred individuals and grassroots organizations into action. Undoubtedly, these eco-warriors are dedicated to preserving their natural heritage by promoting sustainable practices for a greener future.

Do you aspire to become an eco-warrior like them, but are lost on the journey? Fret not! Walk the talk with these green organizations and kick off your eco-journey today.

Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines.jpeg

Since its Manila office opened on March 1, 2000, Greenpeace has partnered with communities to champion renewable energy, combat illegal fishing, campaign for clean seas, and advocate the elimination of toxic chemicals plaguing the environment.

The independent nonprofit organization represents 2.8 million global supporters and inspires countless others to take daily action.

EcoWaste Coalition

EcoWaste Coalition.jpeg

With the aim of establishing an eco-friendly, zero-waste, and toxic-free Philippines, EcoWaste Coalition comprises over 150 national public interest groups united in their pursuit of sustainability, especially for plastic reduction.

The environmental group also stands united with Greenpeace Philippines in advocating for a strong Global Plastics Treaty to address the relentless plastic production by corporations.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines.jpeg

As a global conservation organization, WWF has maintained a significant presence in the Philippines since 1997, focusing on wildlife conservation, sustainable fisheries, and climate change adaptation efforts.

Of all, it aspires to counteract the escalating degradation of the Philippine environment and create a future where Filipinos coexist harmoniously with nature.

Haribon Foundation

EcoWaste Coalition.jpeg

Haribon's niche, honed through 45 years of scientific excellence and a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, centers on biodiversity conservation. As of writing, it has already planted 928,000 native trees.

Its four pillars include conserving sites and habitats, saving species, empowering people, and encouraging sustainability.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines

The Climate Reality Project Philippines.jpeg

Climate Reality operates 11 regional branches collaborating globally to drive climate solutions. Their mission is to empower a worldwide cultural movement for urgent climate action using innovative education and communication strategies.

The green organization is hosted by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, an international NGO for equitable climate policy and resilient, low-carbon development.

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM).jpeg

PRRM engages in sustainable development and community-driven initiatives within rural Philippines, empowering through integrated programs covering education, livelihood, health, habitat, environment, and self-governance.

Meanwhile, the Movement has been serving rural development for over seven decades, having pioneered the establishment of an elected barrio government.

Save Philippine Seas (SPS)

Save Philippine Seas (SPS).png

Save Philippine Seas is a passionate advocate for the safeguarding of the Philippines’ precious marine ecosystems, striving to protect and nurture vital aquatic environments.

The environmental conservation organization also aims to educate communities regarding the value of marine resources.

All things considered, these green organizations water down to one initiative; that is, to provide the best life for the environment where living beings thrive. Commence your environmental journey today to unfold an eco-conscious hereafter; above all, we only have one planet to take care of — it’s time to give it our best shot.