Shawarma Shack sends aid to Ilocos Sur residents affected by Typhoon Egay

Shawarma Shack, a renowned food company, has been channeling its resources and dedication into ongoing relief efforts for the residents affected by Typhoon Egay in Ilocos Sur.

The super typhoon has a profound impact on the Northern Luzon area, requiring immediate humanitarian assistance.



IMG_2976.jpeg With a large number of people in North Luzon affected by “Egay”, Shawarma Shack's humanitarian reaction demonstrated its dedication to corporate social responsibility.

The company's personnel have been reaching out to the hardest-hit areas in collaboration with local authorities, ensuring that relief is given where it is most needed.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Walther Buenavista and Chief Operating Officer Patricia Collantes-Buenavista immediately dispatched a group to North Luzon to make sure that assistance will reach the stricken communities.

Shawarma Shack, through its “Shawarma Shack Cares Foundation”, has delivered hundreds of relief goods for distribution, in coordination with Governor Jerry Singson and Vice Governor Ryan Singson of Ilocos Sur, with focus on providing food packs and drinking water. Shawarma Shack intends to provide relief to the victims of the super typhoon by providing for their immediate needs.

Shawarma Shack's commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond its delectable shawarma offerings in which through purchasing the product, the company intends to share its earnings to give aid during crises brought about by natural catastrophes. By providing assistance to the victims of super typhoon Egay, the company aims to foster hope and empower communities in their journey towards recovery.