Canadian found dead at seawall in Biliran

TACLOBAN CITY – A 62-year-old Canadian was found dead at a seawall in Naval, Biliran after suffering a stroke during a drinking binge following an argument with his live-in partner on Monday, July 3.

The victim, identified as William Ronald Haynes, was found lying in a prone position with a bottle of liquor beside him at the seaside in Zone II, Barangay Santo Niño.

According to his live-in partner, Elma Siat, they argued in their room in a hotel in Naval the night before he died because he was drunk.

A POLICE tape secures the area where a Canadian died from a stroke during a drinking binge in Naval, Biliran on Monday, July 3.  (Photo via

She said that she told Haynes to stop drinking but he refused. Siat left the hotel at around 8 p.m. and did not know where the victim went.

A witness saw the victim walking in the area holding a bottle of liquor and sitting on the concrete seawall.

He also noticed that the victim was already lying and seemed to be sleeping in the area at around 11 p.m.

The witness tried to wake up the victim but he did not respond, prompting him to leave the Canadian.

Hours later, he was found dead. He reportedly suffered from cerebrovascular accident or stroke.

Local officials also responded to an incident last April when the victim slept on the concrete seawall due to drunkenness.

Authorities have ordered an autopsy on the victim.