Tala continues to be recognized as fintech leader in growing PH market

Receives accolades from Forbes for the seventh successive year and from CNBC for the fourth year in a row

Top-tier media houses Forbes and CNBC have recognized Tala for its contribution in bringing personalized and customized financial services to the underbanked population globally. Tala has been included in the prestigious Forbes’ eighth annual Fintech 50 and CNBC’s eleventh annual Disruptor 50 lists. This marks Tala’s seventh straight year in the Forbes Fintech 50 and the fourth successive year in the CNBC Disruptor list.

“From day one, Tala has been focused on delivering essential financial services to the world’s underestimated and underbanked people. We are honored to be recognized for our impact year after year, and we thank our 8 million customers worldwide for trusting Tala with their financial needs,” said Tala, CEO and Founder, Shivani Siroya.

With more than three in four Filipino borrowers reporting an overall improvement in their daily lives after partnering with Tala, the recognition from Forbes and CNBC underlines the company's continuous commitment to bringing microloans to consumers and micro-entrepreneurs in the country through advanced technology and machine learning strategies.

Tala’s flexible, customer-centric loan products and services signify the company’s evolution towards becoming a leading financial partner for the country’s underbanked and unbanked sectors looking to achieve their financial goals.

“At Tala, we are committed to helping Filipinos achieve financial inclusion by giving them reliable and convenient access to credit. We have helped more than two million people in the Philippines to have a financial identity and visibility. As we help improve people's financial situation and achieve their goals, we strive to further promote financial literacy and collaborate with companies and organizations that are working to make financial services more accessible,” Tala, Senior Director and Global Customer Experience Operations, Iona Iñigo-Mayo said.

Tala continues to be the leading financial partner of Filipinos as it offers flexibility, transparency, and responsible credit access. Tala customers are highly satisfied and cite Tala’s efficient loan approval process and the reliable and easy-to-use Tala application as the key reasons. About 98% of borrowers agree that they understand the terms and conditions of their loan, and 99% of them trust Tala with their personal information.