Mavy Legaspi reveals mom Carmina Villarroel, TVJ talked about his 'EB' hosting stint

Mavy Legaspi reiterated that he and twin sister Cassy are "clear" on the "personal side" in terms of their job as hosts of the new iteration of “Eat Bulaga!”

In an interview with Mavy at the sidelines of the "LUV IS: Caught In His Arms" press conference, he admitted how his whole family is "sensitive" about the situation.

For his celebrity parents Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi, the hosting stint is simply another way to improve their talents.

"They are always about self-improvement and talagang made-develop yun in the future and they believe in that," he said.

He admitted Carmina was emotional about it.

"In the personal end siyempre mas sensitive in her end pero dun siya sa improvement ng mga anak niya, towards Cassy and I, and I appreciate that. Dahil alam kong close to heart yung 'EB' sa kanya and very sensitive siya," he related.

"And of course, we're clear on the personal side - I won't talk about that. I just want to put it out there that the personal end - my family and the 'EB' hosts, were good. So trabaho lang, that's what they said."

Asked if Carmina were able to talk with Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, Mavy answered: "Yes. But trabaho lang."

"That's what I mean by the personal end - okay naman kami," he continued.

Mavy reiterated their parents gave them free will to decide on the matter.

"Pero may mas malaking push yung dad ko, and I'm free to say this. Ito nga yung sinabi niya sa akin and I believe them kasi they've been in the industry for so long and they know anong opportunity ang dapat i-grab para ma-improve ang skill."

As to how long will he stay as host of "EB," Mavy related, "There's no specific timeline, it's just a day-by-day thing."

He has already adjusted to working with his co-hosts, including Buboy Villar, Paolo Contis, Betong Sumaya, and Alexa Miro.

"I'm really close with the cast," was how he put it, noting how he and Buboy would even hang outside work.

He already worked with Paolo for the 2021 drama TV series "I Left My Heart in Sorsogon."

He knew Betong from when he was his mom's longtime co-worker on the TV reality show "Day Off."

Asked if it was hard to prepare for his new job given the short notice, Mavy said: "Pag gusto may paraan."

"So ginusto namin ito and wether may short time or short preparation time, we all got our minds and hearts locked-in pagdating sa trabaho - I'm very passionate about that; I'm always prepared."

He noted how it has always been his dream to do hosting.

"A dream come true," he said. "And I'm always blessed - if it's not even this opportunity, I'm always blessed na given opportunity to work, teleserye man yan, talk show, game show - kahit ano pa man yan - commercial, brand posting, I always take it as a blessing from God."

Though he related that he never imagine himself hosting "Eat Bulaga!"

"I didn't see this coming. I take it as a blessing to improve."

"I'm always about self-improvement and I'm excited for what's to come within myself dahil I'm always about improvement and I can't wait for more opportunities to improve my craft."

So how did his parents react after their first airing last June 5?

"Surprisingly pag-uwi ko it was never really about yung pang ba-bash or mga comments ng netizens. It was always about: 'O, how did you feel? Kamusta yung pakiramdam mo? O, ito pinanuod kita, yung mga reaksyon mo,' whatsoever. Laging dun sila sa improvement. So it's always like that. For example: 'May mga instances ka na parang masyado kang on the script, pwede kang mag-adlib.' So always about constructive criticism. Tough love."

In fact, his parents, who have been in the business for quite some time, also gave them pointers about handling bashing.

"When it comes to this industry, we can't control that. You can only control what we can control so dun lang muna tayo," he said. "Dun lang kami sa things we can control. And our family's always been positive. And bashing will always come kahit anong trabaho pa man yan."

"And again on my end and what they say na: 'You should take criticism as a way to improve yourself and unnecessary criticism, just don't mind them.'"

Mavy said that just like Paolo, he also wishes for viewers to give them a chance.

"Together with what Kuya Paolo said, we will never be them. We're not here to replace or to go over or just be at their level. They have done so much for this industry and I definitely respect that," he said about TVJ.

"But of course, on our end, we just want a chance kasi nagtatrabaho lang po kami. Together with what Kuya Paolo said, we were just called on upon to do this job and we're just doing our job. And again, on the personal end, I'm just here to improve every day para to make our fans, to make my personal fans happy and that's the main goal naman."