Delivery riders enjoy summer treats from Ninja Van Philippines at the BayaNinja Hub


Caught between scorching roads and the burning sun, delivery riders brave the hostile summer heat to ensure that parcels are transported and
received on time. These riders are modern-day heroes, who hustle to serve the needs of shoppers and shippers across the country.

Recognizing delivery riders’ invaluable contribution to e-commerce, tech-enabled logistics services provider Ninja Van Philippines set up the BayaNinja Hub to thank and celebrate riders for their hard work and dedication. The company converted one of their hubs along the busy
Congressional Avenue, Quezon City into the BayaNinja Hub — a roadside pit stop where riders got to enjoy free refreshments as well as win special prizes, all the while getting a much-needed break from their daily grind.

“Our riders are unsung heroes, and they are invaluable in ensuring parcels get delivered on time to their recipients. The BayaNinja Hub is one way for us to show our unwavering gratitude for riders within and outside of Ninja Van,” said Ninja Van Philippines’ Chief Operating Officer Vin Perez, who highlighted that riders from other delivery companies eagerly participated in the engagement activity.


“We will continue to shine the spotlight on our riders and the people throughout our operations who ensure hassle-free deliveries nationwide,” Perez added.

The BayaNinja Hub is part of the Ninja Van’s Unsung Heroes program, which aims to spark a movement of appreciation for those that work behind the scenes in the logistics industry. Riders, sorters, and other operations-focused roles comprise the majority of Ninja Van’s workforce. The
company celebrates their stories of hard work, inspiration, and success through various engagement activities, surprise activations, and partnerships with media and key opinion leaders.