AWU founding ceremony

Paving the way to a better future

International foundation Always With Us (AWU) recently held an event called the "AWU FD Founding Ceremony," a one-day event last June 15, 2023 that was held in Dust Thani Manila. The purpose of the event was to launch the AWU foundation and the HOMS token.

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AWU Foundation aims to bring happiness and hope by creating secure and stable homes for those who are less fortunate. It seeks to prevent various crimes related to livelihood and promote the growth of the middle class, which is crucial for a healthier and more balanced society. The foundation believes that through collective efforts, we can make a significant difference in the lives of the people and contribute to building a better future.

At the ceremony, speakers shared the vision and mission of the AWU Foundation, along with their plans for the future.

Future of AWU Foundation

Second from left: Hon. Salvador Panelo, former presidential spokesperson, Robert Yupangco, president and CEO of YCloud, Seungchan Lee, secretary general of Always With Us (AWU) foundation, and Kaydee Velasco, AWU ambassadress

The AWU Foundation will begin by focusing on the provision of rental housing and subsequently expand its initiatives to encompass comprehensive welfare projects. These projects will include financial services, shopping services, scholarships, and medical assistance, specially targeting individuals who are marginalized by the existing financial system due to their socio-economic status.

It is important to emphasize that the AWU Foundation is not owned by any particular minority group; it is shared asset that belongs to all humanity. The Foundation will be managed and operated in high democratic manner, with a commitment to diversify and broaden the composition of its board.

In the future, the AWU Foundation will steadfastly pursue its mission to promote the happiness of the human community. It will persist across generations with the unwavering slogan of “Always with us,” ensuring its continuous dedication to serving the well-being of all.

For more information, visit AWU Foundation's official website