Celeste Cortesi to pageant aficionados: 'I hope we can be kinder with our words.'

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi is urging pageant fans to be more considerate, respectful relating to candidates.

On Twitter, the 25-year-old wrote, "It’s sad, because all these women work hard to have the opportunity to represent our country on an international stage. It’s unfair how they are being bashed. I hope we can be kinder with our words."

Celeste understands that some fans are just really passionate about who they support, but she hopes it will not lead to something negative.

"It’s ok to criticize, but let’s make it constructive," she reminded her followers.

"Let’s create a more positive and kinder community that will support our queens sa laban nila," she added, capping it off: "When they win, we all win. (Philippine flag)."

Recall that recently, Michelle Dee, newly-crowned Miss Universe Philippines, has been the target of criticism.

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Some were questioning her feat.

She reacted to it with dignity, understanding.

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A few days ago, Celeste and co-beauty queen Rabiya Matteo addressed rumors about them supposedly fighting.

Sharing a picture of them together, Rabiya wrote, "Nothing but love (heart emoji) @celeste_cortesi."

Celeste immediately replied, writing: "Love you always!! (heart emojis)."

She uploaded the same snap of them together on Twitter.

She wrote: "Para sa mga maritess. Wala po kaming issue. Haha. Nothing but love for this amazing woman. (butterfly emoji)."

Celeste also shared a video of them together.

In the clip, Celeste teased Rabiya.

She said: “Hi guys, I’m here with my unfollower... No issue between us. We love each other. There’s no drama.”

The two were reunited as judges at the Miss Kaogma 2023 pageant in Camarines Sur a few days ago, along with Venus Raj.

Their rumored rift started circulating after netizens noticed that the former titleholders were not following each other on Instagram.

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