118 qualified firms eyeing to join 2nd RE auction

Bidding is slated June 19 this year

At a glance

  • The second Green Energy Auction (GEA-2) to be administered by the DOE is eyeing to build up RE capacity in the country by 11,600MW to be injected into the grid between 2024-2026.

118 qualified firms eyeing to join 2nd RE auction

By Myrna M. Velasco

The Department of Energy (DOE) is set to hold its second Green Energy Auction (GEA-2) on June 19 which attracted a remarkable number of potential bidders.

A total of 118 qualified companies have expressed interest in bidding for the 11,600 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy (RE) capacities available.

The energy department qualified that some of the project sponsor firms will be bidding for several technologies or projects, so the total potential bids anticipated will round up to 339.

In an advisory issued by the DOE, it apprised qualified parties that the pre-bid conference will be on June 6, and this will serve as a venue for them to raise clarifications or questions on this round of RE capacity bidding.

The next development being awaited by the bidders is the issuance of the final green energy auction reserve (GEAR) prices because that will serve as their ultimate determining factor if their expected revenue stream would justify the financial viability of their targeted investments.

Bulk of the RE capacities to be offered will be for ground-mounted solar installations for 6,715MW; followed by wind with 3,720MW; then rooftop solar for 605MW; while biomass will have programmed development of 180MW.

Additionally, the DOE sets tender for 300MW floating solar in the Luzon grid; and waste-to-energy venture of 30MW, also in the Luzon grid.

These technology-installations will be sited across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao grids. On an all-inclusive basis, the energy department has slated aggregate capacity deliveries of 3,600MW in 2024; then another 3,600MW in 2025; and heftier 4,400MW in 2026.

The winning bidders will be announced on June 28 this year; following the post-evaluation process by the energy department’s auction committee and its technical working group.

The RE installations to be set up by the winning project proponents will be awarded with 20-year power supply agreements (PSAs) as stipulated in the terms of reference (TOR) of the second round GEA process.

The payments to the developers will be on a per-kilowatt hour (kWh) basis of delivered power, and that shall be anchored on the GEAR prices approved by the regulator.

Until this time, the “uncomfortable truth” confronting RE project developers is uncertainty on grid integration of their targeted installations.

The 118 qualified companies are: 2 Barracuda Energy Corp., Aboitiz Power Distributed Renewables, Inc.,AC Laguna Solar Inc., AC Subic Solar Inc., Alternergy Tanay Wind Corp., Amatera Renewable Energy Corp., Apolaki Eight Inc., Apolaki Seven Inc., Apolaki Two Inc., Astra Solar Energy Corp. BKS Green Energy Corp., Bohol Renewable Power Corp., Boundless Energy Philippines Inc., Citicore Renewable Energy Corp., Citicore Solar Bataan, Inc., Citicore Solar Cebu, Inc., Citicore Solar Negros Occidental 2, Inc., Citicore Solar Negros Occidental, Inc., Citicore Solar Pampanga 1, Inc., Citicore Solar Pangasinan 2, Inc., Citicore Solar Pangasinan, Inc., Citicore Solar Quezon, Inc., Citicore Solar Tarlac 1, Inc., Citicore Solar Tarlac 2, Inc., Citicore Solar Tarlac 2, Inc., Citicore Wind Energy Corp., Corenergy Inc., Cornerstone Energy Development, Inc., CSFirst Green Agri-Industrial Development, Inc., Earth Sol Power Corp., EDC Pagali Burgos Wind Power Corp., Energy Logics Philippines Inc., Enfinity Philippine Renewable Resources Third Inc., Enfinity Philippines Renewable Resources Fifth Inc., Enfinity Philippines Renewable Resources Sixth Inc., FDC Green Energy Corp., First Gen Visayas Energy Inc., First Maxpower International Corp., Freya Renewables Inc., Fuego Renewable Energy Corp., Ganubis Renewable Energy, Inc., Gemini Wind Energy Corp., Giga Ace 6, Inc., GigaSol3, Inc., Gigawind 1 Inc., Greencore Power Solution 2, Inc., Greencore Power Solution 4, Inc., Greenergy For Global, Inc. Doing Business Under G4G, Greentech Solar Energy Inc., GRM Cagayan Valley, Inc. and Guimbal Wind Energy Corp.

Others in the roll are: Iligansolar, Infineum 4 Energy, Inc., ngrid2 Power Corp., Island Wind Energy Corp., Ixus Solar Energy Corp., Joy-Nostalg Solaris Inc., Kalinaw Power, Inc., Labrador Green Energy Corp., 5 Barracuda Energy Corp., LBP Energy Corp., Liberty Solar Energy Corp., Lihangin Wind Energy Corp., Mabini Energy Corp., Magallanes Solar Energy Corp., Magnus Ditrolic Solar Inc., Maragondon Wind Energy Corp., Megasol Energy 1 Inc., Molave Investments Corp., New Asia Power Energy Corp., New Asia Power Energy II Corp (NPECII), NKS Solar One Inc., Nortesol II Inc., Nortesol Inc., Nortesol IV Inc., Nuevasol Energy Corp., One Renewable Energy Ent., Inc., Opus Solar Energy Corp., PEAKPOINT, INC., PetroGreen Energy Corp., Philippine New Energy Development Inc., Phinma Solar Energy Corp., Power Beacon Renewable Solutions, Inc., Quezon Wind Energy Corp., Rizal Wind Energy Corp., San Ignacio Energy Resources Development Corp., San Isidro Solar Power Corp., San Pablo Renewable Energy Corp., Santa Cruz Solar Energy, Inc., Siena Solar Power Corp., SN Aboitiz Power - Benguet, Inc., SN Aboitiz Power - Magat, Inc.,SN Aboitiz Power-Energy, Inc., Solana Solar Alpha, Inc., Solar Pacific Energy Corp.,Solar Philippines Commercial Rooftop Projects, Inc. (SPCRPI), Solar Philippines South Luzon Corp. (SPSLC), Solar Power Utilities Generator Corp., Solar Valley Energy Solutions Inc., SolarAce1 Energy Corp. and Solarace4 Energy Corp.

The next ones in the DOE list are: Solus Wind Energy Corp., Suna Solar Inc., TeaM (Philippines) Renewable Energy Corp., Tera Renewables 3 Corp., Tera Renewables 4 Corp.,Tera Renewables 9 Corp., TPI Azimuth 5 Corp., TPI Azimuth Corp., Triconti ECC Renewables Corporation, Tri-Conti Elements Corp., Trustpower Corp., Ubay Solar Corp., Upgrade Energy Philippines, Inc., Victorias Green Energy Corp., Victorias Milling Company, Inc., V-MARS Solar Energy Corp., Wyn Power Corp. and Xyris Energy Corp.