Startup incubator announced its first-ever cohort

Founders Launchpad 1.jpg
The founders of the selected startups together with the Founders Launchpad Team: Simon Bauer, Thomas Abentung, and Jay Haendler; Vikram Bharati of Draper Startup House, Rene Cuartero of AHG Lab, and Celine Veloso of Draper Startup House Manila.

Innovative startups are newly established companies that bring fresh and groundbreaking ideas, products, or services to the market.  These startups are often characterized by their focus on disruptive technologies, creative solutions, and unique approaches to solving problems.

"In the Philippines, the startup community is still quite small, but we have a lot of potential. I'm happy to note that there are still many opportunities, and by building a strong community and fostering a strong drive among the startups, I believe we can see more exciting developments and increased support," said AHG Lab CEO Rene Cuartero.

In its first-ever cohort, Founders Launchpad announced the six innovative startups from various industries that were chosen to join its initial staging.  The six chosen startups are Itemcount, Kippap Learning Corporation, MedsGo, Rezbin, Safe, and Supafaya.  With over 270 applications, these companies were carefully selected for their potential to create a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

Zeroing in on providing these founders with the tools needed to thrive and succeed in the dynamic startup landscape, Founders Launchpad will provide a 12-week comprehensive program of valuable curriculum, investment support, learning experiences, and networking opportunities.

According to Draper Startup House General Manager Celine Veloso, Founders Launchpad will support, guide, and champion the ideas and initiatives of these determined individuals.

"Let's create a future filled with innovation and limitless possibilities," said Celine Veloso.

Founders Launchpad is created by AHG Lab and Draper Startup House and co-presented by QBO Innovation Hub, with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as its official government partner.