Town in Cebu warns on swarms of jellyfish in coastlines

CEBU CITY – Authorities in Santa Fe town in Bantayan Island, Cebu warned beachgoers to exercise caution when swimming due to the presence of swarms of jellyfish in the town’s coastlines.

In an advisory, the local government unit (LGU) of Santa Fe said the onset of what was described as jellyfish season poses danger to beachgoers.

"While most jellyfish stings are not life-threatening, they can cause discomfort, pain, and sometimes allergic reactions,” the advisory said.

The LGU issued precautionary measures to protect beachgoers from jellyfish sting.

Beachgoers were asked to pay attention to any warning signs or flags posted by the local authorities or beach management.

These signs are typically placed to alert visitors about potential hazards, including jellyfish presence.

Wearing a wetsuit or other protective clothing that covers the skin to minimize direct contact with jellyfish tentacles is advised as the suit can provide a physical barrier and reduce the chances of getting stung.

Beachgoers are also encouraged to apply a jellyfish repellent or protective lotion recommended by experts or local authorities.

These repellents may help deter jellyfish from approaching your skin.

“Stay updated with the local news or consult lifeguards to gather information about the current jellyfish situation in the area. They can provide guidance on the level of risk and recommend safe swimming spots,” the advisory added.

Swimmers must avoid touching or getting near jellyfish.

“It is essential to maintain a safe distance from jellyfish in the water, as they can sting even if they appear to be inactive or dead. Avoid touching them, as their tentacles may still be capable of delivering a sting,” the advisory said.

In case of a jellyfish sting, one should immediately exit the water and seek medical attention.

“Rinse the affected area with saltwater (avoid using freshwater, as it may worsen the sting), and consider using a vinegar solution or a commercial jellyfish sting remedy if available. Do not rub the area or apply pressure, as it can release more venom,” the advisory said.