BI advises travelers to check in early for NAIA flights

To prevent potential delays, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) has issued a reminder to departing travelers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to check-in well in advance of their flights.

BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco emphasized the importance of passengers arriving at least three hours prior to their scheduled departure time for immigration inspection.

For those who wish to take advantage of the airport's amenities, Tansingco suggested arriving even earlier than the recommended three hours.

"With the gradual recovery from the pandemic, we anticipate a rise in the number of passengers this month," Tansingco said, adding that the ongoing transfer of passengers from NAIA Terminal 2 to other terminals will contribute to the overall volume of travelers.

During a 10-hour shift, each immigration officer handles an average of 247 passengers.

Tansingco noted that the current facilities at Philippine airports are comparatively limited.

However, he expressed gratitude to airport authorities for their commitment to expanding the space in the immigration area, enabling more efficient processing of passengers.

In preparation for the potential opening or expansion of other international airports, Tansingco revealed that they are actively recruiting and training additional personnel.