What a Jamu massage can offer

It’s more than a postnatal massage.

Meeting your newborn for the first time is a feeling like no other. But being a new mom can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and tiring. Also called the fourth trimester, this is a time new moms adjust to caring for their baby while feeling aches and pains and having sore areas. This is why new moms should have time to heal their body and mind with proper postnatal care.

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A postnatal or post-delivery massage is a common practice for new moms to help ease and heal the effects of childbirth. It does so by helping relieve stress, promote muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation, balance hormones, encourage better sleep, and reduce aches and pains experienced during pregnancy and delivery. 

There are several types of postnatal massages, and one of them is a Jamu massage. This type of massage is one of the most popular postnatal massages. Originating in Indonesia or Javanese/Malay culture, jamu is a special herbal mixture coming from plants. A Jamu massage uses this herbal mixture made into a special oil, cream, or paste and applied on the body. Aside from the benefits of postnatal massages mentioned above, a Jamu massage also aims to remove excess fluid and “wind” from the body, or air that is said to bring sickness or an ill feeling to the individual. The special oil is massaged on the body and afterward, an herbal paste is applied on the abdomen and a binder is wrapped tightly around it to help the stretched skin heal and tone the area. Some refer to the Jamu massage as a slimming massage too because of this. At times, a breast massage is also included to help stimulate lactation. A Jamu massage is not a one-time massage. It usually takes several sessions.

Carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth is no easy feat. If you just gave birth and you are interested in a Jamu massage or any postnatal massage, make sure to get clearance and advice from your doctor, especially if you had prior complications or other health concerns. Also, look for a trained practitioner or therapist who can perform a Jamu postnatal massage properly. Sometimes your doctor may have recommendations where to have it as well. Remember that to be able to care for the baby, you have to care for yourself and your well-being too. Congratulations to you mama, and get the self-care you deserve!