Cebu Provincial Board member seeks return of June opening

CEBU CITY – Because of the extreme hot weather from April to May, a local lawmaker is pushing for the return of the opening of secondary and elementary classes in the month of June.



Cebu 3rd District Board Member John Ismael Borgonia on Monday, May 8, filed a resolution before the Provincial Board asking the Department of Education (DepEd) to revert the opening classes to its original schedule.

“The hot weather is during the months of April and May and we all know that our classrooms are congested. Rooms that are good for 40 are occupied by 60 pupils, some by 80. It’s very congested. It’s very hot and it’s not conducive for learning,” Borgonia said in Cebuano during Monday’s Provincial Board session.

Some rooms also do not have proper ventilation or equipment such as electric fans, Borgonia said.

Because of the high temperature inside the classrooms, some schools are holding their classes outside, said Borgonia.

The lawmaker added there are too many holidays in the months of April and May and these cause class disruption.

“There’s the Holy Week and Day of Valor in April then the Labor Day in May. There are also too many feasts in the month of May. It’s also the time for the family’s summer vacation and students are confused whether they will go with their family for a vacation or they will go to school,” said Borgonia.

Teachers are also busy during the month of May since it is during the month that elections are being held, he added.

Borgonia said June may be a rainy month but it doesn’t rain the whole day.

“Usually, it rains in the morning but it stops in the afternoon. Besides, if it's raining, the children are just inside the classroom. Learning is different when the weather is cold or hot,” said Borgonia.

Borgonia said the hot weather also affects the mood of teachers. “If the weather is hot, teachers become hot-headed,” he said.

His resolution will be further discussed in next week’s regular session with the presence of officials from DepEd, Parent-Teacher Association, Provincial School Board, and other stakeholders.