InfinityLab tries to convince you to try out their chargers


Most people nowadays have multiple devices, two smartphones with two different carriers, a tablet for personal and productivity use, and a laptop, usually a service device from the workplace since remote work is usually the trend now. That gives you 4 devices at least.
Having to travel would mean bringing at least four chargers with four charging cables to complement your everyday carry. That would give you additional weight and clutter in your carry-on. Not only that, you need ultra-fast chargers too.

How does the InfinityLab Instant Charger work best for you?

  1. One charger fits all. With a 4 port USB (2 port USB-A, 2 port USB-C), you only need to carry one InfinityLab instant charger and charging cables
  2. Compact design -  If it fits in the palm of your hand, it will fit in any pocket.
  3. Light and sturdy material - made from recyclable light rugged material, the instant charger’s design assures you that it won’t easily break overtime.
  4. 100 watts charging capacity - the charger can intelligently detect the maximum power required to rapidly charge your devices to full.
    Smart power distribution - it allows an added protection to your devices without overcharging and automatic shutdown when fully charged.
  5. Eco-friendly packaging - the materials used in the packaging are made from comp the FSC certified materials  in mind with 90% of it is completely recyclable.
  6. Compatible for travel -  the InfinityLab instant charger also comes with swappable adaptor plugs. Easily switch between US, EU, and UK power plugs for convenience while traveling. Charge your devices without worry, wherever you are in the world.

Match it with InfinityLab instant connect charging cables that allows you to charge android and Apple devices. You can choose USB-A, USB-C and lightning cables.

InfinityLab is also designed with advanced technology that keeps you safe from overheating caused by charging and also protects the device from overvoltage conditions. It is also slim and lightweight.

So the next time you choose your multiport fast portable charger for your devices, go for the brand that is totally eco-friendly. Get the InfinityLab instant charger.