Quezon lawmaker proposes DOW to improve provincial water services

LUCENA CITY, Quezon – A lawmaker from Quezon on Monday, May 29, proposed the creation of a Department of Water (DOW) after hearing the problems plaguing water service providers in the province.

Quezon Provincial Board member Julius Luces said the DOW will supervise the supply, management, and operations of provincial water service providers.

Luces made the proposal after learning of the serious problems hounding Prime Water-Quezon Metropolitan Water District (PW-QMWD) from residents of Lucena City, Tayabas City, and Pagbilao, Quezon during a hearing conducted by the committee on public works and transportation.

The water concessionaire told the panel that they have been experiencing supply problems that extend for days.

Luces asked Prime Water officials about the operational problems that prevent them from providing adequate flow and 24-hour water supply.

He said some areas in the concession area of Prime Water still do not experience sufficient water flow and his committee will focus on finding solutions to this matter.

Prime Water Operations Manager Marygrace de Ramos said one their measures to improve water supply is rehabilitation and renovation of water pipelines and water sources within six years.

However, the committee sought a faster way to carry out rehabilitation who have been experiencing problems.

De Ramos said are places in Tayabas City and Pagbilao that now have improved supply of water.