Away from Manila, Pinoy food gives Japanese envoy a taste of home

Japanese Ambassador to Manila Kazuhiko Koshikawa was elated to find Filipino goodies in Don Quijote, a famous Japanese discount chainstore that can be found in Japan.

Amb. Kazuhiko_Don Quijote.jpg
(Photo from Japanese Ambassador to Manila Kazuhiko Koshikawa via Twitter)

Based on his tweet, the envoy seemed to be back home.

“Stocking up to satisfy Pinoy food cravings~I went to Don Quijote in (Japan’s flag) and was excited to find some (Philippine flag) products on the shelves. Will be needing these while I'm away from Manila,” he wrote.

He even posted several photos of him and the Filipino foods he found in the store, which sells everything—beauty and skin care, clothing, home appliance, groceries, electronic products, and toys.

The ambassador posted photos of him holding a popular pancit canton brand in the Philippines, as well as some seasonings to make kare-kare (meat in peanut sauce), fried chicken, and a ready-to-heat dinuguan (pork offal stew).

Two other photos showed some packs of the beloved chicharon (fried pork rinds) and cans of a famous canned tuna.

Century Tuna_Don Quijote.jpg
(Photo from Amb. Kazuhiko's Twitter page)

Kazuhiko has repeatedly shown his love for Pinoy foods, having tweeted about his love for buko pie (young coconut pie) and bulalo (beef shank soup) in the past.