Actress Patricia Javier's son Robert Douglas Walcher IV to vie for Mister Teen International 2023 in Thailand

At a glance

  • The younger Robert, 16, is the eldest son of actress Patricia Javier and Dr. Robert Walcher, a chiropractor.

BOUND FOR THAILAND - Robert Douglas Walcher IV (center) poses before he leaves for Thailand for the Mister Teen International pageant, during a send-off at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Paranaque City on Sunday, May 28. Also in the photo are Robert's mom actress Patricia Javier (left) and his grandmother Jeannette Canlapan. (Images courtesy of Atorni Ton Facebook)

Robert Douglas Walcher IV is the country's representative to the Mister Teen International 2023 pageant which will be held in Thailand on June 1.

The younger Robert, 16, is the eldest son of actress Patricia Javier and Dr. Robert Walcher, a chiropractor. He has a younger sibling named Ryan.

On May 28, Robert left for Thailand, accompanied by his mom Patricia, former Noble Queen of the Philippines 2019.

WALCHER FAMILY - From left: Ryan, Patricia, Robert Douglas IV, and Robert

Prior to his departure to Bangkok, Robert met the pageant media during a meet-and-greet event held in Quezon City.

Robert also answered all the questions of the press during the interview portion.

Patricia and her husband also delivered inspiring messages to their son during the send-off.

"Thank you for being a good son. Ang galing pala sumagot ng anak ko sa Q&A. Just enjoy your pageant journey and be proud to be a Filipino. We plant a good seed in your heart. Be God-fearing and continue to e generous to others. And when you are in the pageant, show them how Filipinos love other people. As you have said also, it's not the looks but how you treat people. We love you," Patricia said.

Robert Douglas Walcher IV (left) and popular pageant organizer Ovette Ricalde, also known as Mother of All Pageants (Facebook)

His father said: "I've said to Robert, you have been presented this opportunity to represent the Philippines. So why not do this and why not give it 100 percent? Who knows what's gonna happen? This is just a part of your journey in life. I always tell my kids that we grow when we come out of our comfort zone. Whether you're old or young you have to continue to push yourself. Of course, this is gonna be hard and Robert needs to be strong and lean to God. Just do the best that you can. You're gonna do great and I'm just excited for you."

Responding, the teen candidate said: "I  just want to thank my parents for the support. You guys have been so good to me. So thank you guys. I love you!"

At the same send-off event, Robert said that he will join show business after he competes in Thailand. Fashion designer Don Cristobal also showed the national costume and the outfits to be worn by the Filipino teen contestant during the international competition.