Former 'Eat Bulaga' host Jimmy Santos gets serious about recycling bottles in Canada

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  • Jimmy shared a glimpse of Canada's recycling system in his vlog, which was published on his official YouTube account last Tuesday, May 23. 

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Jimmy Santos goes on buy and sell recycling center in Canada (Youtube)

He was best known for being one of the pioneer hosts of the longest noontime show ''Eat Bulaga''. Jimmy Santos have the tables turned as he ventures a new gig in Canada and it includes recycling drinking soda cans and bottles. 

Jimmy shared a glimpse of Canada's recycling system in his vlog, which was published on his official YouTube account last Tuesday, May 23. 

In the video, Jimmy was seen putting a big plastic bag full of soda cans on his cart, as he walked inside the South Pointe Bottle Depot located in Calgary, Canada. 

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Jimmy Santos 

''Ako po ay nandito sa tinatawag nilang ‘South Pointe Bottle Depot.’ Ang ibig sabihin niyan, binabalik po at magbebenta ng mga lata rito, ‘yung mga pinaglalagyan ng mga tubig, softdrinks ay talaga namang dinedeposito dito at binebenta nila,'' Jimmy said. 

(This means that they return their cans, as well as water and soft drinks containers which are then deposited and then sold at a certain value.)

He later explained that every bottle and soda can have its value, which is why every Canadian resident is encouraged to collect bottles and surrender them to a local bottle depot. 

"Kaya po ang bawat isa nito, ito, may bawas po pag binili niyo po ito. May 10 cents na deposito, para sa ganun po, maobliga kayo na ibalik po ito dito, maibenta, para ma-recycle,'' he added. 

(So each one of these, this one, has a discount when you buy it. There is a 10 cents deposit, for that, you will be obliged to return it here, sell it, to be recycled) 

Jimmy also shared the process which begins with segregating the empty soda cans and containers on a flat metal surface. This procedure makes sure that every type of garbage is processed individually for efficient recycling.

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Jimmy Santos gets 15 Canadian dollars worth of recycled bottles and soda cans 

Afterwards, he is given a receipt on the worth of the recyclables he brought in. Jimmy mentioned that he got 15 Canadian dollars from all the empty soda cans and bottles he gave. 

At the end of his vlog, he highlighted the importance of recycling and how it is a big deal in Canada. 

''Malaking bagay ‘yan kaya ito po ay ibinahagi at ipinakita ko sa inyo ang sistema ng mga nagbebenta ng bote dito,'' he said “Maganda, masaya at kunswelo dahil nakakatulong sa pagre-recycle ang mga ibinenta nating bote, karton, at ‘yung mga nabubulok po na ginagawang fertilizer.'' 

(It's a big thing for me to share how the people here sell their bottles. It's beautiful, happy, and comforting because the bottles, cartons, and those that rot are turned into fertilizer to help in recycling.) 

Canadians throw away over three million tons of plastic waste every year. With the longest coastline in the world and one-quarter of the world’s freshwater, Canada has a unique responsibility and opportunity to tackle this challenge.

Recycling in Canada helps reduce carbon footprint, but it also helps reduce the need for harvesting raw materials, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gases, prevents pollution, and more.

They have also created different programs to raise awareness in every region to make sure everyone participates in making a recycling a big deal.