Mimiyuuuh fulfills another dream

It is all about upgrading for online content creator Mimiyuuuh this year.

Recently, the vlogger proudly shared with supporters a photo of his white five-seater SUV.

"MEET MY NEW PERSONALITY!," he wrote on Instagram.

"THIS YEAR IS ALL ABOUT UPGRADE!!! Grabe parang dati lang po nakapin lang ‘tong kotshe na ‘to sa Pinterest ko tapos ngayon mag-skrt skrt na ko with it! Huhu!"

In his vlog, Mimiyuuuh admitted it felt surreal to finally have his first-ever personal car.

There, he documented their car hunting experience as with him having driving lessons.

"Ang galing ng universe. The thing that I want come to me because I attract them," he said.

Mimiyuuuh reiterated he's not sharing the feat to boast but to express appreciation to his fans who supported him since day one.

He noted how he won't be where he is if not for those who believed in him and gave him nothing but love.

"Without you, hindi ko makakamit ito," he told his subscribers.

It was in 2020 when the social media darling bought a home for his family.

The following year, he gifted his parents with a van.

Mimiyuuuh rose to fame in 2019 after his “Dalagang Pilipina” video went viral on social media.