IN PICTURES: Samantha Bernardo's Filipiniana-themed prenup pictorial

Former beauty queen Samantha Bernardo recently shared on social media her and fiance Scott Moore's prenup photos.

There, the two looked very much the modern Filipino couple.

In the caption, the Miss Grand International 2020 1st Runner-Up talked about the shoot which happened in Negros Occidental.

It read: "Amidst the timeless allure of Negros Occidental's renowned tourist spot, 'The Ruins,' Dagway Photos embarked on a magical journey to capture the essence of love and commitment during an enchanting engagement session. As the sun gently bathed the weathered walls in a warm glow, Samantha Bernardo, Miss Grand Philippines 2020, stepped hand-in-hand with her partner Scott Moore, their hearts intertwining with the rich history that surrounded them. Against the backdrop of crumbling pillars and intricate architectural remnants, Dagway skillfully immortalized every stolen glance, every tender embrace, and every joyous laughter that echoed through the air."

"The Ruins bore witness to their love story, standing as a symbol of strength and endurance, while Dagway artfully documented these extraordinary moments, weaving a tapestry of love and memories that would endure for a lifetime."

In another post, Samantha reiterated how their prenup shoot was "truly amazing."

The 30-year-old announced her engagement last February.

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