BOC, UN start collaboration works for digital trade facilitation

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has started working with the United Nations (UN) to explore electronic data exchange as part of the digital trade facilitation measures for trade and development.

BOC Commissioner Bien Rubio said the collaboration between the agency and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) would pave the way for the electronic exchange of trade-related data and documents in the Philippines.

The collaboration, he said, falls under the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (CPTA), a UN treaty that aims to expedite the implementation of digital trade facilitation measures for trade and development between ESCAP and the BOC.

“The study delves into a comprehensive analysis of the technological capabilities, legal frameworks, and operational requirements necessary for the implementation of electronic trade data exchange,” said Rubio. 

“It aims to identify potential challenges and risks and develop effective strategies to mitigate them,” he added.

Rubio also recognized the support of the United Nations ESCAP in implementing the Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of Cross-Border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific, as well as ongoing collaboration.

“On behalf of the Bureau of Customs, I convey our commitment to facilitating trade and ensuring the efficient and effective movement of goods across borders. We believe that the implementation of paperless trade will not only help us achieve these objectives but also enhance transparency and reduce expenses,” he said.