Onion Bulb Productions Bags Award for Game-changing Naked Eye 3D Billboard Ad

For being the first in the country to introduce Naked Eye 3D LED billboard ad, Onion Bulb Productions (OBP), United Neon Media Group’s production arm, bagged its first award from the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) in an event that recognized pioneers in different fields promoting Filipino marketing ingenuity. OBP now holds the distinction of being the first recipient of such award from the official and biggest organization of Filipino marketers.
Onion Bulb Naked Eye 3D.png

PMA President Sy Bryan Lato (right) hands over the award to Onion Bulb Productions Executive Producer Michiko Akira Tañedo (left) for OBP's pioneering efforts to bring naked eye 3D LED billboard in the Philippines.

PMA President Sy Bryan Lato said that they created the award to recognize the pioneers in different fields and to promote Filipino marketing ingenuity.

OBP is the production house behind the much-talked about and head-turning Naked Eye 3D executions at BGC which has since gone viral and has become an iconic attraction in the city.

Naked Eye 3D image technology creates a vivid sense of perspective and depth to the viewer, making them feel as if the images are coming out of the screen. This spectacle is achieved without the use of 3D glasses.

Lato presented the award to OBP Executive Producer Michiko Tañedo during the organization’s “The Future of Sustainability” event and general membership meeting held at the Dr. Stephen Fuller Hall of the Asian Institute of Management, saying “the Philippines is now at par with other countries with advanced methodologies for doing advertising.”

Tañedo thanked the marketing authority for its recognition and expressed OBP’s commitment to continue to push for excellence through their expertise, skills, and experience to provide creative solutions for brands.

“This award will constantly inspire us and remind us of our commitment to excellence and to unleashing unique and innovative materials for our partners, brands, and Filipino viewers,” she said.

Furthermore, Tañedo said that the PMA award is proof that creativity and passion always go together.

“For OBP, this award will always serve as a reminder to roll our sleeves not because success calls for it but because our heart hears compassion to share and to lead.”

Because of the massive success of the OBP-produced Naked Eye 3D Billboard ads, brands have been lining up to get their products flashed and shown on the much-coveted screen.

Aside from pioneering the Naked Eye 3D Billboard in the Philippines, OBP is also well-loved by brands for their other creative services such as 3D and 2D animations, 360 clickable walkthroughs, 360 photography, company AVPs, digital advertisements, infographic videos, live streams, LED and billboard documentation, event coverage, episode digital content, instructional videos, brand content, and portraits, product, lifestyle, and food shoots. The production house is also set to venture into commercial videos soon.