Slater Young apologizes for sexist remark

Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Slater Young was in hot water recently after he shared his two cents on men "fantasizing" about women.

He was quick to issue an apology after his remarks went viral.

He admitted to feeling ashamed saying such things and understands perfectly the backlash that resulted from it.

"I finally realized: 'Oh my god, yeah, I really made a mistake because I'm giving it power to say it's okay. And me saying it's normal kind of normalizes it and makes it okay - which the last thing in my mind and my heart would be - to objectify women," Slater reiterated.

"...I think yun talaga yung pinaka malaki kong learning. A big eye opener for me. I truly, truly do apolgize in my hearts of heart hindi talaga ako pro-objectifying women but yun yung mga words na sinabi ko, yun yung effect na nagawa ko sa mga sinabi ko. It's a learning experience for me, especially given the platform that we have."

It all started with a letter sender asking Slater and his wife Kryz Uy advice via their podcast, asking if it's okay for her boyfriend to be part of an online group chat where photos of women are being sent and discussed.

Slater said: "It’s normal. It’s just a fact of life that there are many other women more attractive than you or just as attractive as you. Yung mga groups na nagse-send ng mga photos of girls and like, fantasizing over it, it’s normal."

"We have a lot of chat groups with friends, not necessarily dedicated to that. From time to time, usually comes from dalawa or tatlong tao na mahilig mag-send nang ganyan. May mga comment-comment pa. Siyempre ikaw, as part of that group and as a guy, sakyan mo lang. Wala naman. Hindi mo naman gusto talaga."

Kryz reacted to the issue, saying, "It really happens. It's reality. But that doesn't make it okay."