The value proposition of green mobility

BYD’s all EV lineup

BYD's booth at the recent Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly changing the global transportation landscape, as they help avert the environmental problems caused by transport emissions.

BYD, through its authorized local distributor Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp., leads the Philippines’ transition to green mobility with its all-EV lineup of vehicles. Solar Transport was the first to introduce an EV unit in the Philippines, as far back as 2013.

Globally, BYD has long been a leader in developing EVs courtesy of a world-renowned team of designers and engineers. It is also a top provider of green energy technologies that are utilized in the IT, automotive, and new energy industries. BYD, which stands for “Build Your Dreams” has been gaining recognition all over the globe for their build quality and world-class technologies.

The BYD Han was launched during the MIAS. The Han EV is BYD’s flagship sedan.

Locally, BYD, through Solar Transport offers the Dolphin, Tang, Han, and T3, E-Van and a roster of forklifts (Counterbalanced Forklift, Reach Truck, Pallet Truck, and Stacker). Each vehicle comes with a five-year/100,000 km service warranty for its vehicles.

Mark Andrew Tieng, President and CEO of Solar Transport Corp., Philippine distributor of BYD.

According to Mark Andrew Tieng, managing director of Solar Transport, investing in a BYD EV saves buyers money in the long run. Although EVs may have a higher initial cost, they come with lower maintenance costs.

“The energy required to charge an EV is much cheaper than buying fuel or gasoline for traditional ICEs, and maintenance costs are lower due to simpler mechanical components,” notes Tieng.

Safe, value-added investment


The Dolphin EV is BYD's smallest EV.

BYD EVs are uniquely positioned in the EV market thanks to unique core technologies exclusive to the brand: the Blade Battery and e-Platform 3.0.

The Blade Battery is a patented technology by BYD, making it one of only a few EV manufacturers that produce its own batteries. As the name indicates, the Blade Battery is a highly compact battery pack that can be arranged in hundreds of different configurations to fit virtually any vehicle. It also has a high starting temperature for exothermic reactions, slow heat release, and low heat generation.

The e-Platform 3.0, meanwhile, provide a more efficient, flexible, and eco-friendly electric vehicle platform that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of different consumers. It utilizes standardized battery modules, thus BYD can reduce manufacturing costs and increase production efficiency. The platform also comes with a dual-motor drive system that provides superior performance and flexibility. This system can be configured for front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive depending on the vehicle design.

“These technological advancements, on top of sleek design aesthetics, make every BYD car a beautiful piece of high-precision engineering” added Tieng.

An ‘Earth-conscious’ advocacy

The BYD Tang EV is the latest version of BYD's electrified seven-seater mid-size SUV.

The timely implementation of the EVIDA (Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations Investment Promotion Act) law on zero-tax importation is seen to jumpstart the market viability of EVs in the Philippines, and at the same time lay out the country's readiness for sustainable EV adoption. Since reduced costs of importation will entail lower retail prices of EV units, more businesses and consumers will be encouraged to invest in them.

With government policies outlined under EVIDA, as well as initiatives from the private sector, the expansion of charging station locations and related infrastructure that will support EVs is expected to follow. In 2022, the Department of Energy estimated about 9,000 EVs and 300 charging stations in the Philippines. Some of these strategically placed charging stations are located in major shopping malls and commercial spaces.

Tieng reiterated BYD’s strong commitment to green mobility is both a brand promise and advocacy. “You’re buying a BYD EV not only for yourself, but as an investment for the next generation, your children, and the environment. It adds significant value to your life,” he stressed.

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