DepEd urged to ‘take accountability’ on laptop corruption issue

A group of education workers on Friday, May 12, asked the Department of Education (DepEd) to take accountability in “negligence and corruption cases” that led to the alleged fire sale of laptops in retail and online stores.

(DepEd file photo)

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines also said that DepEd should "ensure that due laptops will be received by teachers" since public funds were used for the items.

“It is not enough to conduct investigations and sack officials involved because, at the end of the day, teachers still have no laptop to use,” said ACT Chairperson Vladimer Quetua.

DepEd reportedly failed to pay its contractor, Transpac Cargo Logistics Inc., in the handling and distribution of billions of pesos worth of laptops to public schools  which caused the subcontractors of Transpac to “sell the items to surplus shops to recover their investments.”

ACT also called for a comprehensive report on how DepEd used its funds from the previous up to the current administration, as well as a concrete plan on how public funds can be “recovered and projects can still be realized.”