LOOK: Clarita Carlos shares photo of doll-like Russian woman

At a glance

  • Professor Clarita Carlos shares her picture with a strikingly beautiful Russian woman who she met during one of her trips as the former national security adviser.

Professor Clarita Carlos knows beauty when she sees it.

FB_IMG_1681007419168.jpg Professor Clarita Carlos (right) smiles beside an unnamed Russian intern she met during a trip four months ago. (Facebook)

Over the weekend, the erstwhile national security adviser of President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. shared on Facebook her photo with a Russian woman who looked so strikingly pretty, one could easily mistake her for a mannequin or life-sized doll.

"4 months and 6 days ago, here at historic Metropole Hotel in Moscow, having a very sumptuous breakfast of Russian cuisine…The best part?  Being waited on by an exquisitely beautiful Russian intern…," Carlos wrote.

She claimed that the only thing that topped laying her eyes on the intern during that particular trip was meeting the Russian national security adviser.

She said the meeting was her former counterpart was "truly instructive".

Carlos now serves as House Speaker Martin Romualdez's chief policy adviser on security and defense concerns.