Filipino fan returns ring of K-pop group Treasure’s leader he got at Manila concert 

A Filipino fan returned a ring owned by a leader of K-pop boy band Treasure that he got during the group’s concert in Manila this month. 

Treasure held their “Hello” world tour in Manila on April 14 and 15. During the concert, Choi Hyun-suk, one of the leaders of Treasure, came down to the audience area while singing. 

The Filipino fan with Choi Hyun-suk's ring at the Manila concert (Left) and the ring being prepared for shipping to Korea (Screenshot from @asahiiibebi and photo from FiloSkies)
The ring of Treasure's Choi Hyun-suk being prepared for shipping in Manila to Korea (Photos from Filo Skies)

As he shook hands with the crowd, one fan got hold of his ring based on a video that circulated on Twitter. 

Other Filipino fans who learned about what happened slammed the fan and accused him of stealing the ring, resulting in the topic “nakakahiya” (embarrassing) to trend on Twitter

They questioned why he did not return the ring during the concert when there were many staff and security around. They urged him to return the ring to Choi Hyun-suk. 

The fan in question, under the Twitter username @iTreasureYOSHI, issued a statement and denied that he stole the ring. He also said he will ship the ring to Choi Hyun-suk through Live Nation Korea. 

On April 24, the Filipino fanbase Filo Skies posted on Twitter announcing that the ring was shipped to Live Nation Korea so it could be returned to Choi Hyun-suk. 

“One of our admins accompanied op [original poster] today and they were able to successfully drop off the 💍 [ring] for shipment to live nation korea,” the fanbase wrote. 

The fan in question was instructed by Live Nation Philippines on how to return the ring via Live Nation Korea. 

“This is to inform you that the ring will be ship tomorrow to Live Nation Korea. I was intructed by Live Nation Philippines to send it directly to Live Nation Korea as it was the intruction given to them by Live Nation Korea and YG Entertainment,” the fan said.